Upcoming New Trends in Display Technology

Upcoming New Trends in Display Technology

January 6, 2023 Off By David

Technology is always advancing even when it seems like things can’t get any better, with new trends and advancements coming out every year to improve quality and efficiency. One easy way to see this is in display technology, as new trends and upgrades come out every year. 

Folding or Flexible Displays

Recently, folding and flexible displays are becoming popular for phones. By utilizing durable yet flexible displays, you can now fold your phone to make it easier to fit in your pocket while it keeps its larger display size. This is one feature people would have thought to be impossible just a few years ago.

Micro LEDs

Micro LEDs are a newer method to create a very bright or dark screen, depending on what the image calls for. Micro LEDs utilize countless small LEDs in the display, making the image a lot sharper and with higher contrast than older designs. This type of display also has higher capabilities in customization due to its smaller size.

Immersive Displays

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are taking the display industry by storm, with new devices and programs coming out almost daily. These immersive displays change how people interact with displays, putting the user in the action. However, the close proximity to the screen makes choosing the right measurement system even more important for developers.

Quantum Dot Displays

Quantum dot (QD) displays are a new take on small LED light displays, as they utilize crystals with blue light to display intense colors that you can’t get from normal LEDs. Additionally, these QD displays offer higher energy efficiency and longer life spans compared to normal LEDs and other display types. For these reasons, QD displays are rising in popularity as a new trend in display technology.

These trends are just a few of the technological advances in the display industry that are revolutionizing what consumers and device users are seeing. With ever-increasing image quality and features, these new trends will be the building blocks of future changes and trends that’ll push displays to another level.