TriCore Becomes Standard APN Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller Program Partner

March 14, 2017 Off By Hoofer
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TriCore Solutions, the application management experts, today announced it has successfully achieved status as a Standard AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller Program Partner. As part of the APN, the Company will have access to additional resources for technical, business, and sales enablement to help its customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We’ve seen a lot of demand for AWS support from our existing customers, showing how big of a role it plays in the cloud space and the pace of migration expected to grow in the coming years,” said Mark Clayman, CEO, TriCore Solutions. “As more companies move parts of their business to the cloud, knowledge of AWS nuances becomes an essential area of expertise for managed service providers to possess. We’re continually innovating at TriCore, expanding our capabilities to respond to industry conditions and the needs of our customers, and our new status as Standard APN Consulting Partner and AWS Channel Reseller Program Partner demonstrates our promise to provide superior services that do just that.”


The Company hired Dan Robinson as senior engagement manager to be a dedicated cloud resource to expand its capabilities and provide the necessary background needed to receive multi-cloud partner status. As part of the team, he’ll be responsible for building strategies to meet customer’s present and future infrastructure needs, overseeing the design of cloud environments, starting with AWS.

“By going through the steps to receive this partner status, TriCore has demonstrated it meets the business and technical requirements to design, resell, and support AWS services,” said Dan Robinson, Senior Engagement Manager, TriCore Solutions. “We can now be a single point of contact for our customers for all things related to AWS including new and existing design modification, billing, support, new service implementation, and cost and security governance. Building our capabilities for AWS only further reinforces our commitment to a data center-agnostic service model across the board – equipping customers for the future in an age of rapid digital transformation.”

Dan joins the Company from Biogen, where he was senior IT architect of cloud infrastructure. Prior to Biogen, Robinson worked at Novartis and GMO as a cloud infrastructure and enterprise technology architect, respectively.

This is the first time the Company has been listed as a partner within the AWS Partner Network.

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