Top Ways To Protect Circuit Boards From Damage

Top Ways To Protect Circuit Boards From Damage

June 28, 2021 0 By Hoofer

Also known as PCBs, circuit boards are electrical circuits that consist of conductive features such as tracks, pads, heat sinks, or copper traces etched from copper sheets and laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Typically, these boards mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components. Due to the sensitive nature of circuit boards, they require an ample amount of protection in order to function properly. To learn about some of the top ways to protect circuit boards from damage, continue reading.

Apply Conformal Coating

One of the most effective ways to protect your circuit board is to implement protective measures during the assembly process. Applying a conformal coating to a circuit board is amongst the best forms of protection. Conformal coating refers to a thin polymeric film that can conform to the various contours present in a PCB in order to provide protection. In addition to protecting the PCB from moisture, the coating also blocks out contaminants, chemicals, UV light, and fluids and provides protection from temperature extremes that could cause significant damage.

Overmold the PCB

Another one of the top ways to protect circuit boards from damage during the assembly process is overmolding the PCB. By implementing a low-pressure overmolding process, professionals mold fragile components such as circuit boards directly into the final part. As such, the PCB will have a layer of durable polyurethane surrounding it, allowing the implementation of the device in more rugged environments without damage.

Utilize Moisture Barrier Bags

If you need to store or ship your circuit boards, utilizing moisture barrier bags is an effective way to protect them from harm. In many cases, people use electrostatic discharge (ESD) bags to prevent charge buildup or dissipation, which can damage a circuit board. However, such bags aren’t ideal for protecting against other potential forms of damage, such as moisture. For more comprehensive protection, moisture barrier bags are an effective option.