Tips For Helping Your Company Adopt More Technology Solutions

December 4, 2018 Off By Hoofer
As the head of technology at your organization, it can be challenging to get upper management and your employees to accept that what you’re telling them is best for the company. The reality is that technology solutions can be complicated and aren’t always cut and dry. These types of changes often put others on the defense and cause them to ask a lot of tough questions.

It’s a wise idea to have a list of ways handy for how you can get the go-ahead at your company from those who matter the most to adopt more technology solutions. It’s your job as the lead in this area to sell them on it and make sure what you’re suggesting is genuinely going to help your business move forward in a positive direction.

Explain the Benefits

One tip to help your company adopt more technology solutions is to be forthcoming about all the benefits that will come from these upgrades. For instance, take time to study all you need to know about speeding up your content pages for mobile and understanding the advantages of working in the cloud. Come to meetings prepared to go over all the reasons why what you’re proposing is the best move at the time and worth the investment in the long run. Put together a list of the most appealing options in your opinion and present the benefits in a clear and concise manner or presentation. This is one of the most important steps because if people can’t see how these solutions are aiding them, then it’s going to be more difficult to get them to commit to your solutions and move forward. 


Show what Your Competitors are Doing

Another tactic for getting your company to take more of an interest in what you’re suggesting with new technology is to show them what your competitors are doing. Doing so will likely light a fire under the leadership team, and they’ll be all ears when they see that their competition is excelling and advancing in this area. Explain that without innovation, your company will be left behind and start to lose customers and that your strong position in the marketplace may soon slip away.

Take time to review ways your competitors are able to increase sales and win over customers with their solutions and have ideas for how you can do an even better job executing in this area going forward. Your coworkers will see that it’s impossible to ignore these latest trends and developments and will likely be more open to hearing you out.

Loop in the Right People

Instead of jumping right into the ins and outs of the actual technology itself, try to loop in the right people to the conversation from the start. You can help your company adopt more technology solutions by focusing on getting the approval and backing from those who are the decision makers in your organization. You’re going to need individuals who are on board with what you’re proposing and who can help push your initiatives through in a timely manner. You need everyone to get a clear idea of the bigger picture and recognize how these developments are not only going to help them work smarter but will also help to raise the bar for the entire company.

Encourage Learning, Change & Growth

Another tip that will help you get your company to adopt more technology solutions is to create a culture that encourages learning, change, and growth. This way, your suggestions won’t come as such of a shock and people will be more willing to listen to your advice. Focus not only on personal development and how employees can better themselves but also what everyone can be doing to improve the company as a whole.

The more comfortable your coworkers are with change, the more receptive they’ll be to listening and hearing more about your technology solutions. The more common it is to be cutting edge and a leader in your industry, the easier it’ll be to convince those who matter to get onboard with your plans.

Measure Progress & Celebrate Small Wins Early on

One tip that will help your cause a great deal is to make sure you measure any progress you’re making and communicate how your ideas have been able to increase productivity and ignite innovation. Be sure to celebrate small wins early on and allow people to see what impact these technology solutions are having on your business and the experience of the customers. Let it be known what advancements are working in your favor and be able to demonstrate that you’re achieving the results you desire. Also, be prepared to answer any questions the leadership team may have and explain why you’re proposing what you are at the time. Connect the dots for those in your organization and show them how what you’re doing is improving how they work and function.

Don’t Give up Trying

You can help your company adopt more technology solutions by being persistent about your wishes. Don’t give up trying to push your initiatives forward and get people to listen to you and your ideas. The part that may be most tricky is getting everyone to be patient and seeing technology solutions as a bigger picture answer instead of an overnight solution.

Start small and work your way to implementing more complicated and intricate plans as time goes on. Soon enough the right people will begin to see all of this from your viewpoint, and you’ll be able to begin tackling even greater accomplishments at your workplace. Use this as an opportunity to challenge yourself as well and step outside your comfort zone and continue to play around with ideas until you feel confident in what you’re recommending.

Successful digital transformation is a long process but have confidence your efforts will pay off in the long run. Keep standing up for what you believe is going to be most useful for your organization and continue to challenge those who are skeptical of these developments.