Tintri Levels Up Data Protection and Disaster Recovery for its Enterprise Cloud Platform

January 24, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Article Written by David Marshall

Virtualization-aware storage provider Tintri is adding more data protection and disaster recovery to its platform and expanding its software suite with automated Synchronous Replication. The company says it fully integrating primary and secondary storage to protect enterprise cloud investments with a DP/DR solution that comprises Tintri VMstore arrays and Tintri Software Suite. Tintri also works with data backup solutions from Veeam and Commvault for secondary storage, and will soon also offer native protection of Tintri snapshots from on-premises to public cloud storage through an Amazon S3 Connector.

The new Synchronous Replication feature is part of the Tintri Software Suite, which also consists of Tintri Global Center, ReplicateVM and SecureVM.

The capabilities of the DP/DR solution includes:

  • Snapshots as first line of defense. Tintri’s space-efficient snapshots store changed data blocks and take admins a few seconds to create, with no impact to performance, the company claims. Default snapshot schedules protect VM automatically; custom schedules allow users to meet specific data protection needs.
  • Fast recovery. Tintri provides one-click recovery for data at the VM, vDisk, folder or file level. A test environment with local clones and replica snapshots at the secondary site is also available.
  • Flexible protection options. Recovery point objectives (RPO) of 1 minute, 15 minutes, or other desired levels can be set per-VM for asynchronous replication. Synchronous Replication is designed to achieve zero RPO and near-zero recovery time objectives (RTO) with manual or planned failovers.
  • Data security. Encryption of data at rest with AES-256 bit encryption offers real-time DP with no impact on application performance. Integration with Gemalto’s Safenet KeySecure via the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) lets you cryptographically lock arrays and conform to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements. 

A Tintri customer said Synchronous Replication tech doesn’t require expertise to use it. "Going through the Sync Replication setup, I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly and easily an environment could be protected with a zero RPO and near-zero-RTO SLA," said Matt Crape, IT Manager, C3 Group Inc. This is paramount for mission critical workloads. Even better is the failover process – with a simple click of the mouse, a failover can be initiated. No longer are a team of specialists needed to coordinate this task, but rather a single generalist can do it."


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