Three Steps You Need to Take to Ensure the Security of Your Business

October 3, 2018 Off By Hoofer
When you are running a business in the modern world, to achieve any success, you will be using a vast variety of different, innovative technology. The developments and advancements in technology and the use of the internet in the past few decades have not only changed the way you will do business but, indeed, the way you will live your entire life. For all the great things technology brings, however, there will always be people who use it unlawfully or for bad purposes, such as hacking into accounts or stealing information. As the head of a business, it is incredibly important that you take every step you possibly can to safeguard your business from these potential security issues. As the leader, you will have a huge number of tasks on your to-do list and adding in time to think of possible ways you can improve security shouldn’t be one of them. This handy guide will walk you through some of the essential things you should seriously consider doing as soon as possible to make sure your company is well and truly protected. 

Keeping threats at bay

The first and foremost thing you can do to ensure the security of your business is to put measures in place that directly combat the ever-increasing threat of targeted attacks. Targeted attacks are used on businesses in an attempt to steal your intellectual property and customer information in order to money off of it or, alternatively, encrypt the sensitive data and hold it to ransom. With so much at stake if these criminals get into your companies private accounts and reports, it is then vital then you invest in quality advanced threat protection. Software such as this has a high detection rate and will be able to stop any attacks before they even have the chance to peak into the company computer files, let only get their hands on and steal anything. It is a great preventative measure that will save you a huge amount of grief in the future.

The power of communication

A second important thing you need to find is a way of protecting is all the communications within your company. Whether they are between different members of staff, shareholders, or clients, everyone’s correspondence need to be private and secured for the overall peace of mind in your office. This is precisely why your business needs email encryption software. Encrypting emails means that all the information you and your employees send and receive, from plain text to attachments and images, will then be unable to be intercepted by third parties. The way hackers attack the communications of an office is when emails are in the process of being sent from the sender to the recipient as, in this limbo, the information is less protected. However, encryption strengthens the defenses so that this type of risk is minimized.

Educate your staff

Better education is often cited as the answer to a lot of the problems in life, and when it comes to the security of your business, this is most definitely the rule. A great way to easily improve the safeguarding of your business is to make sure that everyone who you employ is up to date on the basic ways they can ensure all the information they handle is secure so that you don’t find yourself with any weak links. There are several main things your employees need to know about cybersecurity right off of the bat, but it is important always to refresh their memories on a quarterly basis to make sure you are all keeping up to date with the latest threats. For example, hackers are easily able to get through set passwords, so start by making it company policy that everyone changes their passwords once every two or three months to limit the risk of getting hacked.

Another good idea is to implement a clear policy on what employees can and cannot download on to their work computers or laptops. It might seem obvious, but workers can often treat their work laptops as though they are their personal ones and download games and apps onto them they could carry computer viruses with them. By ensuring there is a clear policy, you limit the risk of someone downloading something harmful on to the work server.

Taking care of the online security of your business is essential if you want to be successful and limit unneeded stresses and worries along the way.