Threat Stack Launches New Packaging Model to Scale with Customers’ Cloud Security Maturity

February 2, 2017 Off By Hoofer
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Threat Stack, the leader in cloud-native security and compliance management, today announced the launch of its new packaging model for the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform (CSP), strengthening the company’s commitment to customers of all sizes throughout their cloud maturity. Each package is custom built to align with three Cloud Security Maturity phases: Auditing the environment; Continuously monitoring and alerting; Investigating events and remediation. This new model enables the security of a customer’s journey from just getting started in the cloud to an approach focused on analysis, investigation and remediation.

"Traditionally companies amass several tools as security maturity evolves over time, becoming costly and resource intensive," said Brian M. Ahern, Chairman and CEO, Threat Stack. "The new Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® packaging is designed to enhance security visibility, reduce operating costs and maximize company resources through flexible package selection aligning with company security maturity and infrastructure security requirements."

Threat Stack CSP is now available in three package options:

  • Threat Stack Audit: The Threat Stack Audit Package is designed for organizations that need to establish a security baseline and demonstrate their cloud security posture to customers and stakeholders. A Threat Stack configuration audit scan takes less than five minutes and automatically tells customers if they are aligned with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Center for Internet Security (CIS) best practices, eliminating the risks of a misconfigured AWS account. Threat Stack Audit immediately provides a score to let users know what is set up correctly in their environment and what needs improvement. From there, the Audit Package runs regular automated scans to check how the environment is changing and where new risks may exist.
  • Threat Stack Monitor: The Threat Stack Monitor Package is designed for organizations that need more mature cloud security controls and the ability to achieve compliance across a variety of requirements. This package provides deep visibility across the environment giving customers the ability to continuously monitor user and file activities, and discover vulnerabilities in their systems before they are compromised. Customers can more easily pass compliance audits, complete security questionnaires and fully understand activity within their cloud environments.
  • Threat Stack Investigate: The Threat Stack Investigate Package is designed for organizations that require the ability to quickly stitch together important security events – and recreate them if needed – to determine the root cause of an issue. The Investigate Package reduces Mean Time To know (MTTK) with User Session Playback, providing details and context to help prevent the same threat from occurring again.

According to Gartner, Inc., ""Effective control over the use of cloud computing is not about saying ‘no’; it’s about having the ability to know what is being done within the public cloud, and to provide affirmative answers to questions from managers, board members, auditors, regulators and partner organizations that cloud computing is being used effectively and appropriately, utilizing the innate advantages of the product model to reduce the potential for security incidents."1 Threat Stack CSP provides the visibility and reporting capabilities across all its package options to ensure the effective and appropriate use of the cloud.

Unlike point solutions currently on the market, Threat Stack CSP offers the breadth of security capabilities needed to improve an organization’s cloud security posture in one integrated, cloud native platform. Those capabilities include AWS configuration auditing, host intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, threat intelligence and workflow integrations.

To learn more about Threat Stack CSP’s new package options, or to schedule a live demo, please visit