The OpenStack Foundation starts to look at projects beyond OpenStack

November 10, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Tech Crunch.  Author: Frederic Lardinois

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the launch of a number of open source foundations like the Cloud Native Compute Foundation, the Cloud Foundry Foundation and others. Most of these run under the Linux Foundation, but one of the largest open source foundation outside of that group’s orbit is the OpenStack Foundation, which — at least until now — has solely focused on the development of the OpenStack cloud computing platform.

Times are changing, though. After spending the last few days at the bi-annual OpenStack Summit, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the OpenStack Foundation is starting to look beyond the OpenStack platform and that the future of the organization may just look a bit more like the Linux Foundation, though with a more streamlined vision that will have the group focus on open infrastructure projects that align with its current interests but that don’t necessarily need to be part of the OpenStack platform or follow the current guidelines for these projects.


This move could send ripple through the open source ecosystem because if it’s successful, it’ll create another organization that will sit next to the Linux Foundation, the Apache Foundation and others, yet with the community support and experience that the OpenStack team has built. It may also set up the OpenStack Foundation to compete for hosting projects that would otherwise have looked at moving to the Linux Foundation, which will could set up an interesting rivalry between the two.

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