The Most Outlandish Objects Ever 3D Printed

The Most Outlandish Objects Ever 3D Printed

February 8, 2023 0 By Hoofer

Technology is on a one-way track of moving forward. It seems like every day has a new technological development that can change our lives whether we know it or not. When the first 3D printer came to be, no one could have guessed it would lead to the most outlandish object ever 3D printed.

Bigger & Bladders

It’s safe to assume that you want as many training experiences in the medical field as possible. Nothing catastrophic usually happens if there’s an error at a typical nine-to-fiver, yet a minor mixup while performing surgery could have grave consequences. Having the appropriate training materials helps ensure that rarely happens, such as 3D printed organs that help aspiring surgeons practice.

While we aren’t to the point of 3D printing organs as transplants anytime soon—although a successful 3D bladder transplant happened once—doctors and nurses use artificial organs for training. It is promising that the bladder worked since it gives hope to everyone waiting on their miracle.

Band-Aids Over Bullet Holes

We’ve seen in the Terminator franchise that bullets don’t phase the machines, as the skin heals before our eyes. It’s unlikely that 3D printing can turn us all into Skynet’s next line of assassins, but 3D printers can do wonderful things for open wounds by making new skin out of thin air.

Toronto doctors got skin cells from a pig by rolling over an open wound like a glue stick. Researchers and doctors believe this could pave the way to a better version of treating people with burns and wounds. This form of “bioprinting” is another way the medical industry can change forever.

I Got You, Babe

Any parents can relate to seeing that first ultrasound with your little nugget floating in there. When the technician prints off that ultrasound picture, you cannot wait to put it on the fridge like it’s an art award you won in sixth grade. As the ultrasound appointments continue, seeing them on a screen might not give you the same fuzzy feeling. So, a Russian-based company figured let’s a 3D-printed replica of the baby was the better option.

The real reasoning behind the 3D-printed fetus is that it can alert doctors of anything that could go wrong with the developing child. Nevertheless, holding a model of your unborn child is surreal.

The Menu

That’s enough with the medical marvels of 3D printing. Instead, let’s discuss the fun things a 3D printer can do—like food. You know the resolution quality of a 3D printer can be amazing if it can make the yummiest pizza as if it came right from the oven.

The development of 3D-printed food could open the door to some magical recipes, and it helps those with a finicky palate circumvent any issues they have with texture. Additionally, you can consume a precise number of calories and nutrients when you put a chef hat on a 3D printer.

The world might be slipping into a Black Mirror reality of technology taking over. Still, some benefits come with the most outlandish objects ever 3D printed—just avoid the robot dogs.