The Most Common Wi-Fi Network Issues

The Most Common Wi-Fi Network Issues

June 15, 2021 0 By Hoofer

When dealing with Wireless connections, you don’t have the luxury of having physical components in front of you, making diagnosing problems more straightforward. The most common Wi-Fi network issues people have to deal with can prove frustrating when the technical difficulties are invisible. But knowing the solution to these problems can take out the guesswork involved and get your network set up faster and with less frustration.

Signal Issues

The most convenient aspect of Wi-Fi, the fact you don’t need to run physical wires, can also be its most difficult aspect. Your internet will only be as good as the signal from the modem, and if something interrupts that signal, your devices will slow down immensely.

Restart the Modem

There will be times when your internet drops out for no apparent reason, seemingly just ceasing to work without warning. There’s no telling what happened to cause the signal to drop, but the only reliable action to take in this situation is to unplug your modem, wait roughly 30 seconds, and plug it back in. This will allow the modem to reset its connection and bring back your internet.

Devices Too Far Away

Another thing you must understand about your wireless signal is that it can’t penetrate through every wall. The Wi-Fi signal is relatively weak, and any barriers in its way, whether walls or ceilings, can stop the signal in its tracks. If you have frequent slowdown, you may want to consider relocating your modem to a more open area.

No Wi-Fi Connection at All

Sometimes, your internet will drop, you’ll restart the modem, and it says that there is no internet access once you connect back to the Wi-Fi. At this point, you’re going to have to troubleshoot the problem. First, begin by trying to connect multiple devices to the signal. If the problem persists, it may be an issue with the signal itself, so try to plug in a laptop with an Ethernet cable.

If there is still no connection, there may be a larger issue with your internet service provider. When it comes to this, all you can do is call them up and report the problems you’re having, as it might be a larger-scale issue that affects others as well.

Strengthen Your Connection

Wireless, while convenient, can be weak, and many common problems with Wi-Fi originate from this signal issue. Be aware of how to increase your wireless coverage to decrease the risk of random drops or slowdown.