The Most Advanced Technologies for Emergencies

The Most Advanced Technologies for Emergencies

March 23, 2022 0 By Hoofer

During times of crisis, first responders must get to a scene quickly and immediately start helping people. However, without the help of advanced technology, their ability to do this is limited.

Thankfully, the technology that emergency responders use has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With this in mind, check out this list of some of the most advanced technologies for emergencies.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Even though everyone has a smartphone these days, sometimes your phone might not be able to get a signal if you are trapped indoors. Thankfully, many public areas such as schools, office buildings, and stadiums are equipped with a distributed antenna system (DAS).

Suppose you are asking yourself, “What is a distributed antenna system used for?” The answer is to allow first responders to communicate with dispatchers in areas where cellular signal is poor.

Global Positioning Systems

Otherwise known as a GPS, this type of technology has been around for decades but has grown more advanced as the years go on.

First responders use GPS systems to track suspects at large, bystanders, and victims. For example, if there is a fire in an office building, first responders can use GPS to locate people who may be stuck in an elevator or bathroom.

Automated Wildfire Protection Systems

Wildfires have devastated much of the West Coast for the past decade. Luckily, individuals are also becoming more adept at fighting them, thanks to the emergence of automated wildfire protection systems.

Although this system hasn’t been manufactured yet, there is a patent in place for a system that detects wildfires that are up to 50 miles away by using infrared processers. Once the system identifies a wildfire, it will alert all the property owners in the area as well as the nearest first responders. Additionally, this system has a “roof soaker” filled with fire retardant materials or water that it can spray over a property.

In short, an emergency can break out at any moment, but we are lucky to have fascinating technology to help us mitigate disasters. After learning about a few of themost advanced technologies for emergencies, now you should be able to better appreciate the work that first responders carry out and the tools they use on the job.