The Linux cloud swap that spells trouble for Microsoft and VMware

June 1, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from TheRegister. Author: Editorial Staff.

Just occasionally, you get it right. Six years ago, I called containers "every sysadmin’s dream," and look at them now. Even the Linux Foundation’s annual bash has been renamed from "LinuxCon + CloudOpen + Embedded Linux Conference" to "LinuxCon + ContainerCon".

Why? Because since virtualization has been enterprise IT’s favourite toy for more than a decade, the rise of "cloud computing" has promoted this even more. When something gets that big, everyone jumps on board and starts looking for an edge – and containers are much more efficient than whole-system virtualization, so there are savings to be made and performance gains to win…

The price is that admins have to learn new security and management skills and tools. But an important recent trend is one I didn’t expect: these two very different technologies beginning to merge…

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