The Future of Work: Freelancers Are the New Cloud Computing

July 19, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from Entrepreneur. Author: Phill Strazzulla.

One of the greatest innovations for tech entrepreneurs over the last few decades has been cloud computing. The ability to move capital expenditures to operating expenditures is huge. It’s also incredibly empowering to scale your computing power as your business changes. You’ve also got the added advantage of a built-in platform with various tools to handle analytics, error logging, etc. Needless to say, cloud computing has changed the game.

We now seem to be entering a new phase of the future of work where traditional employees can be replaced more and more by freelancers who live and work remotely. This new paradigm reminds me of the rise of cloud computing a lot in terms of the utility, and its potentially disruptive nature…

What this means as I start to scale my business

I’m one of the founders of a small Boston-based software company. And we’re starting to grow in ways that mandate we hire help in basically all functional areas: sales, marketing, engineering, support. While the path set by many of my peers would be to raise venture money and scale the team with local professionals, my co-founder and I have started to think about a remote team instead…

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