The future is multi-cloud, but getting there isn’t easy

December 21, 2016 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from ITProPortal. Author: Tony Conner.

Multi-cloud has been discussed within the cloud computing industry for a while, but there is still confusion and disagreement about what it is. What most can agree on is that multi-cloud is about mixing and matching the best-in-class technologies and services from different cloud providers to create the best possible solution for a business.

This flexibility is what will define the industry in the coming years allowing organisations to leverage the relative advantages, price-points and geographic locations of the solutions to their best advantage. However, the transition to a multi-cloud solution can be fraught with risks if improperly managed. As a result, enterprises looking to gain advantage through this technology are seeking expert help in the form of third party managed service providers…

Increasingly, individual cloud providers are finding it difficult to meet the complex requirements of their clients. A recent Dimensional Research survey of more than 650 IT decision-makers found that 77 percent of businesses are planning to implement multi-cloud architectures within 2 years…

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