The Digital Transformation of Sports Centres Through a Network of Beacons

The Digital Transformation of Sports Centres Through a Network of Beacons

November 4, 2020 0 By Hoofer

New technologies are changing the way customers communicate with companies. The digital transformation of sports centres with a network of beacons achieves cost savings and increased sales.

It results in greater loyalty and member acquisition. But how else can you benefit from using such technology in your sports centre? Let’s find out.

What is a beacon?

A beacon is a device that works using Bluetooth technology to send and receive signals with mobile devices.

Furthermore, these devices are able to recognize where the other device with which it communicates is located. Beacons are low-power devices that can last up to two years and can be powered in different ways.

Digital transformation of sports centres with a network of beacons

One of the tools of the digital transformation of sports centres is the use of these devices. Having a network of beacons can be an advantage for any business.

The beacons are also closely related to the gamification of sports centres, as these beacons can be helpful when creating events or quantifying how many times a user goes to the gym.

The advantages of beacons in sports centres can be divided into two parts, the benefits it offers to customers, and the opportunities for the sports centre.

Customer features

The greatest advantage for users of sports centres that have a network of beacons is that they will have a much more personalized and enriching experience.

Customers using these devices can receive personalized messages such as exercise recommendations, how-to videos, and even reminders or special offers.

It really steps up your CRM game and brings you closer to your members.

Functionalities for sports centres

The digital transformation of sports centres through beacons also offers many opportunities for their management. These small devices can collect relevant information about users. For example, which area of ​​the centre is the busiest or the average time that customers spend. Later, it can be used to make better decisions when managing the sports centre.

In addition, beacons allow better and more personalized communication. Which is very useful when it comes to targeting a specific audience.

Digital transformation and the introduction of technological innovations are the future of sectors such as sports. Thanks to new technologies and digital transformation, cost savings and additional help in decision making are achieved. Companies are bringing technological trends closer to solving specific problems through digital tools.

Final Thoughts

There are many technology solutions you can choose from to enhance the management of your sports centre and improve the customer experience.

One of the easiest solutions to implement in a sports centre is the use of dedicated sports club management software like that provided by

The right software can transform the administrative and management tasks of a sports club, optimize the use of resources, and take membership management and customer relations to the next level.

Whether you choose to deploy beacons or start using sports club management software, isn’t it time you incorporated technology into your sports centre to give your members the best experience ever?