The Business Cloud From Domo Is Now the World’s Largest Analytics Platform in the Cloud

March 23, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Domo

In just one year since launching, Domo’s Business Cloud is now the industry’s largest data analytics platform in the cloud. With more than 25 petabytes of data uploaded, the data managed in Domo surpasses 100 trillion rows, which is 21 times larger than the amount of data in the Library of Congress and more than twice the size of the largest data warehouse record claimed by SAP in 2014.

"Domo’s Business Cloud has become the world’s largest analytics platform because of the power of our customers," said Josh James, co-founder and CEO, Domo. "These revolutionaries are leading the adoption of data-driven cultures across organizations worldwide. While often starting small — like most revolutions do — their vision for how data, facilitated by Domo, can transform business performance quickly catches fire."

Domo is also now connected to more than one million discreet data sources, while maintaining industry-leading uptime and performance.


"Before Domo, analytics experts focused on optimizing query performance by limiting the amount of data business decision makers could access," said James. "With Domo those worries are in the past. The cloud makes lightning fast queries of massive amounts of data possible on a global scale."

James continued, "The power and scale of The Business Cloud has unleashed new innovation among customers and partners, whether through the use or development of Apps or the creation of brand new solutions to solve real business challenges."

"Innovation is a major priority for us at Jefferson," said Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience. "Domo was exactly what we were looking for because we weren’t just looking for a vendor, we wanted a meaningful partnership between two organizations with a robust vision of innovation in technology."

"Before Domo, we had to login to more than a dozen disparate technology applications and download data to manually create reports to provide a holistic view of our data," said Matthew March, CIO at Colony American Finance. "We were able to roll out 27 data sources in two months. We were able to deliver in two months what traditionally took three years, but we delivered it with one developer, not a team of ten. That’s phenomenal."

In 2016, Domo delivered more than 14,000 updates to The Business Cloud. As a SaaS solution, Domo automatically delivers the latest enhancements to the platform without disruption to the customer experience.