The Benefits Cloud Technology Has Had on the Automotive Industry

March 12, 2018 Off By Hoofer
The automotive industry is at something of a crossroads. The future could take any one of a number of potential forms. The emergence of electric and driverless cars as serious challengers to the current status quo has dramatically altered the calculations of many investors and industry observers. Automobile manufacturers are constantly finding new ways of combining technological innovations in order to radically change the experience of driving a car.

There are few technologies which have not in some way informed the design choices of car manufacturers. New technologies mean new capabilities and functionalities will become possible. As these new possibilities are realized, car manufacturers are able to evolve their approaches to both crafting the experience of driving for the driver and ensuring that everything behind the scenes is operating as smoothly as possible.

Like a myriad of other technologies, cloud computing has made a big difference to the automotive industry. It has affected the way that customers interact with their vehicles, and how the industry interfaces with drivers and the general public. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent benefits that cloud computing offers to the automotive industry.

Reduction in Costs

The cost of maintaining an on-site IT support team might offer the most convenient tech support and give businesses peace of mind that there will always be help on hand. However, an on-site IT support team costs a significant amount of money to maintain, and that’s just for the personnel! You also have to factor in the cost of any equipment they might need, as well as ongoing training and development.

Cloud computing makes it possible to outsource the IT needs of any automotive business, saving the business money on the cost of securing technical support. Cloud technology also greatly reduces the costs and complexity of the business’s internal infrastructure. With cloud technology it becomes remarkably simple for different branches or locations within the business to store, access and manipulate data.

Handle the Complexities of the Sector

The automotive industry is quite unlike other industries out there. It is distinguished from other forms of manufacturing by the unusually complex engineering simulations, data analytics, and other consolidated demands which require an advanced infrastructure that is capable of meeting the technical challenges involved in completing those tasks and other functions.

Cloud computing makes it possible for a relatively small business to access the kind of computing power needed to tackle high complex and specialized manufacturing tasks.

Cockpit Systems

Modern cars are increasingly making use of onboard computer systems to allow new levels of interaction and immersion between the driver and their vehicle. Cloud computing can dramatically improve the performance of GPS and entertainment systems. Many of the best auto mechanic schools now include some kind of training for troubleshooting and repairing these systems.

Cloud technology has made a massive difference to the affordability and accessibility of advanced computing power and systems. In the context of the automotive industry, cloud computing has been put to a number of different uses and has proven to be an extremely effective way of providing additional power and infrastructure where it is needed.