The Basic and Popular Methods To Create a PCB

The Basic and Popular Methods To Create a PCB

August 25, 2021 0 By Hoofer

People put printed circuit boards (PCBs) in just about every device that uses electricity, which makes them extremely important to the current way of life. However, each device works a bit differently, so every PCB is a bit different too. If you’re ever looking to create your own device, knowing the basic and popular methods to create a PCB is a necessity.

Iron Board

Perhaps the simplest method of crafting a PCB, the iron board method helps you create your PCB at home. However, this method does limit how complex the PCB can be and means that you need to make each board by hand. The process involves sketching the layout and transferring it to the board, then using etching fluid to finish the PCB.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting to create PCBs isn’t something you can just do at home. This method is useful for industrial production of PCB lines. Lasers cut the blank PCBs to create the basic layout that you want. You then assemble the components to create a full PCB.

Surface-Mount Technology

One of the biggest trends in PCBs and most efficient methods of PCB fabrication is surface-mount technology (SMT). This is a device that builds your PCB once you enter your designs. The method is fast and automated, so it’s great for making large productions and can make the most complex PCB out there. SMT can mount and etch your whole PCB mechanically, eliminating all the human limitations of crafting your own PCB.


If you really want to make the best PCBs, you can always outsource the production to a company that can help design and manufacture PCBs. This takes out the guesswork and gives you access to knowledgeable sources to improve your PCB design. These companies can help create whole production lines for your PCB as well.

These are the basic and popular methods to create a PCBthat most people use in their devices. You can use these methods to craft a PCB however you need, from large-scale production to individual projects.