Tehama combines secure virtual desktops with the raw power of Linux

October 9, 2020 Off By Hoofer
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Tehama, the fastest, easiest, most secure way to deploy a global workforce, is pleased to announce that it’s bringing its automated, SaaS-based work environments to Linux with Tehama Linux Desktops.

Tehama offers Linux users the power of high-performance computing (HPC)-related activities like software or game development, chip design, IoT development and IT administration, defended by Tehama’s highly secure virtual rooms when connecting to the cloud, applications, and corporate and IT infrastructure. It’s a perfect match for those who want their primary desktop to run on Linux.

Tehama Linux Desktops use a Ubuntu KDE environment by default, and has built-in SOC 2 Type II compliance mechanisms and audit controls for automated compliance, along with zero-trust access, multi-factor authentication and automated security and firewall patches for secure connections. It also uses a pay as you go payment model, meaning you only pay for the time you use.

“Our team of developers couldn’t live without Linux,” said Álvaro Hernandez, Founder, OnGres. “Using Tehama Linux Desktops, they’re now able to enjoy a seamless experience when performing regular business tasks, combined with Linux’s raw power in their back pocket. It’s also cost-efficient because Linux users that might typically need two different machines with licensing and maintenance now have everything they need in one place,” he added.

Tehama Linux Desktops have massive implications for several Linux-heavy industries. For software developers and content creators, it means secure, compliant access to powerful HPC sandbox environments, IDE support, and sensitive data protection with easy multi-monitor support. For IT administrations, it means secure web app delivery and management using a secure browser alongside secure administration tools.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Tehama’s industry-leading virtual offices, rooms and desktops to Linux,” said Jaymes Davis, Tehama’s Director of Product Strategy. “Many of our customers have been asking us for Tehama for Linux Plasma Desktops, and we’re proud to be able to deliver this enhanced user experience with Tehama. Tehama Linux Desktops enable easy centralized IT management of Linux desktops, along with platform support and a consistent user experience,” he added.

For more information on Tehama Linux Desktops, please book a demo.

You can also join them on October 21 at 1:00 PM E.T. for a live webinar on how to build a secure distributed development organization. Panelists will be discussing why Linux users have been let down by traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions, and how you can improve developer productivity and software delivery with a virtual office-as-service (OaaS).