Technologies You Can Use to Manage Real Estate

Technologies You Can Use to Manage Real Estate

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At present time, technology is continuously changing the way businesses operate and perform transactions. Technology is involved in most if not all companies from marketing to operations to sales to promotion to transaction. In fact, technology undoubtedly makes human lives easier and more comfortable. You gain access to almost everything with just one click because of technology.

In the real estate industry, technology is one of the most important factors, especially when it comes to marketing and managing the business. With technology, companies could go paperless and have access to real-time data and information 24/7. Here are a few essential and useful technologies you can use to manage your real estate business:


Canva is an online graphic designing tool that provides users with different templates. As a real estate professional, you don’t have to be a trained graphic designer to create posters and banners for your website and social media profiles. For example, you have warehouse spaces for lease, and you want to market this on your Facebook or LinkedIn page. With Canva, all you have to do is select a template, add photos and text, change font styles, and you’re good to go. Making posters, banners, and promotional ads have never been so easy.

Not only that, but Canva also provides you with templates ranging from business cards to ads to gift tags, and so much more. Unleash your creative side through Canva while getting your job done at the same time.

Google Suite

Say goodbye to all the papers you keep using and accumulating in your office and say hello to a new way of keeping, monitoring, disseminating, and safekeeping your documents with Google Suite!

Google Suite is just like your trusty hard drive but in software form. Google Suite acts as your online office where everything you need (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, etc.) are all in one cloud.

Google Suite will make it easier for real estate companies and employees to reach one another and collaborate with a flexible schedule. You have easier access to company information because Google Suite allows you to connect on any device, anytime, anywhere. Not only that, but you no longer have to fear when it comes to safety and security of both the company and your customers’ data because Google Suite has enhanced security, better data backup, and recovery options.

Trello Task Management

Trello is a task management tool commonly used in most companies to help you manage current projects into different boards. Through Trello, you can immediately see which teams or real estate professionals have already started working on a particular project. Aside from that, you can also see if there is progress on a specific project through this task management tool. With Trello, you get updated with real-time results and information about your company’s on-going schemes.

Not only that, but on each project board, you can also add comments, upload photos, and start or join discussions.

Hootsuite Social Media Management

Hootsuite is definitely one of the most important tech tools in managing real estate companies, or basically any company or industry. Hootsuite allows you to get real-time updates from your social media profiles. With just one tool, you can easily access and manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Through Hootsuite, you can interact with your audience and see how fast your social media accounts grow and establish a presence. Hootsuite also comes with an analytics option where you can monitor a profile’s growth and view user engagement data. With this tool, not only can you manage your accounts, but you can also constantly raise brand awareness and look for new prospects.


DocuSign is a simple tool used to reduce your paperwork and accelerate transaction and documents legibility. With DocuSign, you can sign documents with any device, anytime, anywhere. You don’t even have to physically be there to sign important transactions for as long as you have this tool.


Video marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in the world today. Consumers prefer it more when they get to view the entirety of a property through walk-through, 3D, or testimonials videos.

With Animoto, you can instantly create videos from scratch! All you have to do is upload videos or photos, arrange them in a way you want to, and you’ll have a perfect real estate (promotional) video in an instant. It’s a plus if you not only save the video but also share it to your social media profiles. That way, more people can view the video and possibly grow some interest in purchasing a property from your company.

Virtual Reality

Aside from tech tools, real estate businesses can also use a good amount of gadgets that can help in managing real estate properties. Virtual reality or VR devices are commonly used by real estate agents to help prospects get a 360-degree and three-dimensional view of a property. With this, you wouldn’t have to tour clients to each property physically. Instead, they can conveniently have a walk-through of the property through this device.


Drones have become popular in the past year because of the convenience it brings to many. Drones can also be used in managing real estate properties. How? Why? Well, because drones can give you a full view of one whole property. This allows potential buyers to inspect or view not just the property itself but the surrounding environment as well. Drones are starting to emerge in the real estate industry, and a lot of companies and real estate professionals have already begun to utilize and include drones in managing and marketing properties.

Wrapping Up

Technology has indeed brought significant changes in everyone’s lives today. As for the real estate industry, technology continues to bring positive impact, convenience, and accessibility throughout the years. Managing real estate businesses could be hard, but with the right amount of research and adaptation to the latest trends (like the ones mentioned above), you’ll be able to grow and flourish over time.


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