Stratus Releases Newest Additions to its ztC Edge Computing Portfolio to Help Empower Operational Professionals

Stratus Releases Newest Additions to its ztC Edge Computing Portfolio to Help Empower Operational Professionals

June 5, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous edge computing solutions, today announced the availability of Stratus Redundant Linux 2.0, the virtualization and availability software layer that powers ztC Edge, as well as a new hardware model, the 110i. These updates to Stratus’ ztC Edge computing portfolio, developed with input from end users, as well as system integrator and reseller partners, addresses customers’ most pressing needs for enhanced security, monitoring and performance at the edge of corporate networks, while continuing to offer the simplicity and unmatched reliability of the original platform. By using ztC Edge, operators at the edge with limited IT resources can easily deploy, manage and maintain highly secure, reliable, and efficient edge computing systems by themselves, unlocking the true potential of their digital transformation initiatives, and helping them improve productivity while lowering risk.

Highlights and Key New Features:

ztC Edge is a rugged, secure, highly automated industrial computing system that protects and delivers business critical applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently in distributed, under-resourced locations. This newest version includes updated software and new hardware options:

  • Security – ztC Edge includes new features that address and solve the biggest threat to an industrial control system – adding devices to the network that do not protect themselves. This new solution offers a host-based firewall, restricted USB ports, improved authentication, updated secure communications protocols, and secure trusted boot.
  • Monitoring – ztC Edge extends its monitoring capabilities by providing better visibility and more fine-grained control. The new solution offers additional hardware sensors, application and VM performance monitoring, and OPC UA support, so customers can easily incorporate ztC Edge system health information into their existing industrial monitoring tools and dashboards.
  • Performance – ztC Edge addresses the need to efficiently meet a wider variety of availability requirements for workloads at the edge. The product introduces support for mixed fault tolerant and highly available workloads, providing customers the ability to meet stringent recovery time and recovery point objectives, while allowing them to match the level of protection to the criticality of their applications.

The updated software is available with a more powerful hardware model, the 110i, as well as with the current model, the 100i. The larger, more powerful 110i system supports customers requiring more processing and data storage for their edge workloads. Unlike simple gateway products, ztC Edge is designed for critical business applications, including those that support the collection and analysis of real-time data at the edge. Unlike complex IT-like computing solutions, ztC Edge is designed for operational professionals to deploy, manage and maintain on their own.

Dave Laurello, CEO, Stratus

“With the latest additions to our ztC Edge computing solution, Stratus is responding quickly to the changing needs of our industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and emergency response customers, as their formerly-insulated operations are now becoming more decentralized and connected. Our heritage in fault tolerance has made Stratus the trusted choice for these companies’ computing needs, and with that, our solution has evolved to address a new set of issues around security, interoperability, and manageability. With 40 years of experience protecting business critical environments, our partners and customers can trust Stratus’ edge computing solutions to maximize their operational efficiency and help them compete more effectively, while also minimizing their financial and reputational risk.”

Christian Renaud, Research Vice President, IoT, 451 Research

“Edge computing continues to grow in interest and adoption. With every new technology or paradigm shift promising improved operational efficiency, the allure is powerful, but it isn’t until the security, availability, and manageability concerns are minimized that we see an accelerated rate of adoption, especially among the mainstream customers. Stratus’ latest solution addresses the pressing security and manageability needs operational professionals have, while also meeting the requirements of IT, enabling industrial and other organizations across sectors to continue to modernize their environments and digitally transform as they’re ready.”

Brian M. Beitler, Controls Engineer, Kline Process Systems

“As a long-time Stratus partner, we were pleased to be part of the testing of the latest version of ztC Edge and even more impressed with the results. The company’s commitment to simplicity in design, matched with the ability to perform reliably and securely in any environment, make ztC Edge an excellent choice for our varied customers, who are often resource-constrained. Ease-of-use and built-in redundancy have always been necessary for industrial deployments. And, with security, monitoring and performance capabilities baked-in, Stratus has delivered on the requirements that are now top of mind with our customers, so their data and applications stay safe and always online.”


Stratus has begun shipping its newest version of ztC Edge to customers. ztC Edge is available through Stratus’ extensive network of partners and distributors.