Stratodesk Collaborates with Teradici to Integrate PCoIP Technology into NoTouch Software

Stratodesk Collaborates with Teradici to Integrate PCoIP Technology into NoTouch Software

October 10, 2019 Off By Hoofer
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Stratodesk, the creator of the leading endpoint OS and management solution for IoT, DaaS and VDI, today announced its new collaboration with Teradici, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software, to bring the PCoIP Software Client for Linux into the NoTouch software product suite. The integration means that for the first time, Stratodesk NoTouch Clients can seamlessly connect to Teradici Cloud Access Software and Amazon Workspaces, a cloud desktop service that uses PCoIP protocol technology. With Teradici Cloud Access Software, Stratodesk customers will be able to connect to virtual desktops and deliver remotely hosted applications and data to end users with the combined and hardened security benefits of NoTouch endpoint computing and Teradici PCoIP technology.

“With the integration of Teradici PCoIP Software Client into NoTouch OS, our software is now capable of transforming virtually any device into a PCoIP endpoint,” said Stratodesk CEO, Emanuel Pirker. “This is just another example of how Stratodesk is innovating VDI by providing a wide range of VDI clients to our customers.”

Supported by Stratodesk’s participation in the Teradici Advantage Partner Program, the new integration enables enterprises to harness and benefit from:

  • Secure, high definition and highly responsive, PC-like computing experience.
  • Zero attack surface OS that replaces Windows and eliminates the need for malware/antivirus software.
  • Standardized endpoints that can be managed from one location via Stratodesk NoTouch Center.
  • Reduced hardware costs – existing and new devices can be upgraded with Stratodesk software with the PCoIP Client.

“Stratodesk’s zero attack surface OS and management solution complements Teradici PCoIP technology and keeps security management at the forefront for enterprise users,” said David Smith, CEO for Teradici. “Stratodesk software provides a flexible and comprehensive solution that allows system administrators to take full advantage of Teradici technology across their entire VDI deployment.”

The PCoIP protocol compresses, encrypts, and transmits virtual desktop display information in the form of pixels over a standard IP network to endpoint devices, ensuring maximum security. Meanwhile, Stratodesk software deploys directly onto endpoint de-vices bare metal, replacing Windows, eliminating the need for malware/anti-virus software, and preventing the installation of third party applications and common security exploits.

NoTouch converted Thin Clients, with the Teradici PCoIP Software Client included, are compatible with Teradici Cloud Access Software deployed in private data centers, AWS (including Amazon WorkSpaces), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. System administrators and IT managers can evaluate Stratodesk software for free (, while the Teradici PCoIP Client is available to new and existing customers by purchasing a license from Stratodesk.