Stratodesk and TONK Partnership Set to Rock the Russian Thin Client Market

Stratodesk and TONK Partnership Set to Rock the Russian Thin Client Market

October 31, 2019 Off By Hoofer

Stratodesk, a leader in VDI, DaaS and IoT endpoint management, is excited to announce a new alliance with TONK Group of Companies Ltd, the leading provider of Cloud Client and Thin Client software in the Russian IT-market. Thanks to this collaboration, TONK customers have easy access to Stratodesk powered Thin Clients and Stratodesk’s flagship product, NoTouch Desktop, which allows enterprises to convert new and existing devices into centrally managed, Linux-based Thin Clients.

With the new alliance in place, the Russian Thin Client market will begin to feel the ripple effect from Stratodesk software. Stratodesk works with VDI/DaaS leaders including Citrix, VMware and others to enable secure connection to virtual desktops directly out of the box. Used by thousands of customers around the world with 450 thousand licenses deployed across multiple industries including healthcare, government, retail and finance, Stratodesk is the ideal solution for VDI & Cloud deployments and the perfect alternative to Windows endpoints.

Not only does Stratodesk software run on Thin Clients available from TONK, Stratodesk software can be used to convert any x86 and ARM based device. NoTouch Desktop, Stratodesk’s flagship product, comes complete with the secure and powerful endpoint management solution, NoTouch Center. Capable of managing secure NoTouch Clients across the world from one location, NoTouch Center runs on premises or in the Cloud, and manages both x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi devices.

“Our mission is to deliver the easiest to use VDI and Cloud endpoint management solution,” Emanuel Pirker, CEO and Founder of Stratodesk. “Thanks to our partnership with TONK, Stratodesk Thin Clients and PC Conversion software are now available at large in Russia. As TONK is the renowned leader for providing VDI and Cloud endpoint solutions in Russia, their stamp of approval combined with our fabulous track record will deliver a fast blow to the Thin Client market as organizations of all shapes and sizes flock to Stratodesk software to manage their increasingly complex and disparate collections of devices.”

Founded in 2005, today, TONK’s products have been used in more than 1500 companies across multiple industries including finance, insurance, telecommunications, government, education, call centers, retail and beyond. In addition to its outstanding presence in the Thin Client market, TONK is committed to consistently delivering innovation to Thin Client technology. This is evidenced by its top notch research and development center and highly experienced R&D team.

TONK actively works with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other international enterprises to deliver a robust set of solutions that fit a wide array of business needs. Also, TONK boasts an impressive 120 partnerships with IT companies around Russia. “We are grateful to our partners from Stratodesk for the opportunity to present their software in Russia. We have already created a breakthrough product and are going to develop a successful technology partnership. The partnership between TONK and Stratodesk will create successful, modern and simple IT solutions,” says Misha Ushakov, TONK CEO.