StorMagic and Hivecell Debut Industry’s First HCI Edge-as-a-Service Solution

StorMagic and Hivecell Debut Industry’s First HCI Edge-as-a-Service Solution

July 5, 2021 Off By Hoofer

StorMagic, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced with Hivecell, the edge-as-a-service company, the launch of Hivecell HCI with StorMagic SvSAN, the only complete, true edge-as-a-service solution to deliver edge computing on an enterprise scale.

StorMagic and Hivecell, two organizations committed to solving end users’ challenges at the edge, have partnered to deliver this joint solution. Some of the challenges Hivecell HCI addresses include deploying, managing and maintaining hundreds or thousands of sites, the lack of technical staff onsite, limited IT infrastructure (data closets, power and cooling, bandwidth) and the costly and time-consuming constraints that accompany upgrading and expanding systems and software at the edge.

Through the industry’s only complete edge-as-a-service solution, StorMagic and Hivecell provide powerful Intel® processing and highly available storage to deliver the performance and uptime customers require for running edge applications. Centralized monitoring, management, updates and upgrades are provided as a service, eliminating capital expenditures and reducing operating expenses. Hivecell HCI eliminates the need for technical staff to install or maintain hardware and there are no special requirements for power, cooling or networking.

“StorMagic software solutions are simple, robust, flexible and always cost-effective, attributes that enable us to better address pain points that our end users face at the edge,” said Brian Grainger, president of StorMagic, Inc. (US), chief revenue officer and board member. “Together with Hivecell and Intel, we’re proud to deliver a solution that eliminates the need for a large technical staff to install or maintain, while still delivering 100% uptime for the mission critical edge site. Customers can easily implement, run and scale edge sites from a few to thousands without the heavy IT infrastructure often needed to maintain the hardware.”

Deploying and upgrading software is often a key challenge for edge environments, which is why Hivecell enables three different modes for customer software deployment: cloud-based, enterprise and disconnected. Hivecell HCI with StorMagic SvSAN and Intel provides a future-proofed, comprehensive solution that can be deployed and running with just a click.

“Hivecell’s capability to process data in real time can make a tremendous difference in a company’s ability to make quick, yet informed, decisions and avert pauses in production,” said Jeffrey Ricker, co-founder and CEO at Hivecell. “It’s becoming clear that edge computing is the future for data processing and we are thrilled to partner with StorMagic and Intel to offer a fully complete, edge-as-a-service platform with a high availability storage solution that doesn’t require buying or maintaining software or hardware and can be installed with no training.”

As the world becomes increasingly more digitized and connected, more data is produced, with 50% of all new data being generated at the edge largely thanks to the rise in IoT devices. Use cases for this joint solution include ruggedized environments, retail, supply chain, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, mining, shipping and utilities.