StoneFly Introduces Secure Air-gapped Servers with Data Services

StoneFly Introduces Secure Air-gapped Servers with Data Services

January 6, 2021 Off By Hoofer
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StoneFly, Inc. the original innovator of the iSCSI protocol ( and a recognized global leader in the storage, hyperconverged infrastructure, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud industry has introduced a new Windows Server Plus+™ product line.

The Windows Server Plus+ product line includes three appliance series (D-Series, XS-Series, and XD-Series) with appliance models ranging from 4-bay mini-tower to 36-bay rackmounts and choice of multi-core single or dual Intel Xeon or AMD processor(s), up to 1 terabyte system memory, high performance hardware RAID controllers, and several hundred terabytes to petabytes of storage capacities.

Note: Supported components vary depending on appliance series and model. For more information on Windows Server Plus+ hardware, visit StoneFly website.

John Harris, StoneFly’s Technical Sales Director said:

“Windows Server Plus provides wide range of options to choose from which brings cost-effective, high performance and secure air-gapped server solutions with enterprise data services to SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises.”

Optional Plus+ Features

StoneFly is also offering the following software capabilities as an optional upgrade to the Windows Server Plus+ appliances. These features are integrated into the hardware and require additional licenses to be accessed.

The optional integrated Plus+ features can be divided into three types:

  • Data protection features: Air-gapped Vault™, Air-gapped Fabric™, Write-Once Read-Many (WORM), immutable snapshots, encryption, and more.
  • Storage optimization features: deduplication, automated storage tiering, and flash cache SSD caching.
  • Advanced data services: sync and async replication, cloud connect to Azure, AWS, StoneFly private cloud, and real-time graphical performance reporting.