StackRox Delivers Kubernetes Security and Compliance for Mux

October 26, 2018 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from StackRox

StackRox, a leader in security for containerized, cloud-native applications, today announced that Mux, a leading provider of streaming video infrastructure and monitoring technology for developers and publishers of online video, has deployed the StackRox Container Security Platform to protect its microservices and container environments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). StackRox enables Mux to meet its compliance requirements, harden its Docker and Kubernetes infrastructure to reduce the attack surface, and detect and stop threats at runtime. StackRox secures containers and microservices across the entire life cycle – build, deploy and run – and supports multiple platforms across the ecosystem, including Kubernetes and Docker as well as Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, Google Kubernetes Engine and Red Hat OpenShift. 

"Mux’s goal is to make high-quality video streaming accessible to every developer. Our SaaS model lends itself to that level of accessibility, but we needed an agile and powerful infrastructure to match," said Adam Brown, Mux Co-founder and Head of Infrastructure. "With that DevOps mindset, we started building our platform entirely in containers from the outset. As our platform matured, so did our container security and compliance needs, which is why we turned to StackRox."

StackRox provided Mux with instant visibility into its entire container environment and was integral to Mux maintaining its compliance posture. Upon deployment, StackRox immediately made visible all of Mux’s container assets, identified latent risks in the environment, and delivered a prioritized list of issues to address, alleviating the operational security burden on Mux’s engineering team. The StackRox runtime detection capabilities similarly empowered Mux’s team to identify and isolate threats quickly.

"StackRox ultimately gives us peace of mind," noted Brown.

"Companies like Mux that embrace DevOps are thriving because of the rapid iteration they can enable using microservices and containers. Operating in containerized, cloud-native environments supercharges innovation, shortens development cycles, and enables the delivery of high-quality applications," said Kamal Shah, StackRox CEO. "You need security to move at DevOps speed and leverage the DevOps infrastructure, however. It can’t be layered in separately, or developers will simply go around it as soon as it threatens application velocity. We’ve developed the StackRox platform to fit this precise need – to offer the power and scalability necessary to manage security and compliance seamlessly within containerized environments without slowing down DevOps."