Spectrum Networks Offers Cybersecurity Training for Organizations using Microsoft Azure

March 3, 2022 Off By Hoofer

As more and more business operations migrate to the cloud, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. With the aim of helping organizations cope with the transition, Spectrum Networks, a Dubai-based IT skilling company, is offering cybersecurity training for users of the Microsoft Azure cloud-computing platform.

“Ensuring the security of an organization involves much more than simply setting access permissions to resources,” says Pournami Nair, VP – Sales & Alliances (EMEA), Spectrum Networks. “Today’s IT professional must also know how to deal with potential threats and have a thorough understanding of storage, database and networking security.”

Small business, insurance and finance institutions, government agencies, healthcare, energy, and utilities are the main industries targeted for cyber-attacks. Organizations need the right skills to manage security controls, maintain a robust security posture, and identifying and neutralizing cyber-threats.

There is also a severe shortage of skills as well. More than one out of every 20 open jobs in America today is a job that requires cybersecurity skills. (Source: America faces a cybersecurity skills crisis: Microsoft launches national campaign to help community colleges expand the cybersecurity workforce).

Acquiring Skillsets to Ensure Protection

According to experts, many organizations still lack the skillsets needed to meet the challenges posed by the shift to cloud computing. “In order to acquire the necessary skills to ensure protection of sensitive data stored in cloud environments, IT professionals are strongly advised to undergo cloud-security training,” says Shilin Eranazath, Head of Cloud Skilling, Spectrum Networks.

Some of the more popular training programs on offer include Azure Security, M365 Security, and Security Fundamentals. Joining hands with Microsoft the company is also driving the fast-track certification program for security training courses.

Award Winning Microsoft Learning Partner

Spectrum Networks has the distinction of being one of the top Microsoft trainers in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. An authorized Microsoft Learning Partner, the company was a finalist in the Business Excellence (Learning) category at the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards.

Spectrum Networks is currently offering free Azure Security Skilling Awareness Sessions in February and March. Interested parties can click HERE to register.