SourceDay Adds NetSuite to List of Certified-By ERPs

August 15, 2019 Off By David

SourceDay, a rising star in the direct procurement and supplier collaboration space, announced today that its new SourceDay SuiteApp has achieved “Built for NetSuite” status. While SourceDay integrates with more than a dozen ERP systems, this is the third ERP system, behind Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica, to label SourceDay as an officially certified solution.   

Built for NetSuite is a program for NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners that provides partners with the information, resources and methodology required to help them verify that their applications and integrations meet NetSuite standards and best practices. The Built for NetSuite program is designed to give NetSuite customers additional confidence that SuiteApps have been built to meet these standards.

The new SourceDay SuiteApp, built using the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Computing Platform, is a procurement management solution designed for NetSuite customers that automates communication between buyers and suppliers to help reduce waste and inefficiencies that can erode margins and reduce on-time deliveries.

“Procurement is often a huge pain point in the supply chain as miscommunication and incorrect data can lead to unnecessary costs and wasted productivity,” said Clint McRee, COO, SourceDay. “Our SuiteApp enhances automation to help make it easy for companies to master the procurement process and increase efficiencies across the supply chain.”

“Organizations need an efficient and responsive supply chain to stay ahead of constantly changing expectations and that requires open lines of communication across the entire value chain,” said Guido Haarmans, VP, SuiteCloud Developer Network and Partner Programs, Oracle NetSuite. “With the launch of its SuiteApp, SourceDay is driving efficiencies between manufacturers, distributors and their suppliers by providing accurate, transparent and real-time data to break down procurement communication barriers.”

For manufacturers and distributors, SourceDay’s SuiteApp allows NetSuite users to digitize their supply chains, automate supplier collaboration and improve supplier on-time delivery performance by up to 35 percent. SourceDay helps its customers improve productivity while helping to ensure that NetSuite has the most up-to-date and accurate supply chain data. Furthermore, unlike other vendor portals that are one-way views for the buyer only, SourceDay drives actionable two-way collaboration between the buyer and supplier.

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