SIOS Technology Offers No-Cost Assessment to Address SQL Server 2008 End of Support by Re-hosting in Azure

April 11, 2019 Off By Hoofer

SIOS Technology Corp., the industry pioneer in providing IT Resilience through intelligent application availability, today announced a new no-cost assessment for customers considering migrating Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to Azure to address the July 9, 2019, End-of-Support. 

A major challenge when considering this option from Microsoft is how to maintain SQL Server availability. High availability clustering solutions used on premises are not possible in Azure due to their reliance on shared-storage. This new SIOS offer provides businesses a no-cost assessment of their SQL Server 2008 environments and delivers an Azure re-hosting and configuration plan that ensures protection against unplanned downtime and data loss to meet customer-specific SLAs.

“Moving SQL Server 2008 environments to Azure achieves the goal of obtaining continued product updates from Microsoft without the need to upgrade. However, the question of maintaining availability of those SQL Server environments in the cloud becomes a challenge,” said Michael Bilancieri, VP, Product, SIOS Technology.

“Shared-storage clustering solutions that deliver availability for on-premises environments are not a native option in Azure. Designing and implementing high availability clusters in the cloud requires specialized skills to ensure that reliable availability is achieved and that the SLAs of critical systems using SQL Server are met. We’ve helped customers deploy thousands of SQL Server instances in the cloud with our software and expertise and we’re looking to help customers take advantage of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 EOS program in Azure.”

For more information on the SIOS No-Cost Assessment for SQL Server 2008 end of support on Azure, visit here: