Scale Computing Announces Availability of HyperCore on Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute Built with Scale Computing

Scale Computing Announces Availability of HyperCore on Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute Built with Scale Computing

September 27, 2022 0 By Hoofer
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Scale Computing announced that Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute platform (EEC) Built with Scale Computing is available for sale through its channels including Ingram Micro. Scale Computing’s award-winning HyperCore software that identifies, reduces, and corrects infrastructure problems in real time is pre-installed on the Intel NUC EEC for efficient application deployment and management.
Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute platform Built with Scale Computing is a powerful, all-in-one platform uniquely designed for running applications at the edge. Ingram Micro Integrated Solutions is the first integrator offering the Intel NUC EEC product and is available today. Intel NUC EEC built with Scale Computing is ideal for remote edge computing locations and managed centrally through the Scale Computing Fleet Manager user interface, making it easy to run applications anywhere needed and reducing workloads for IT teams.

“The demand for near real-time response for critical applications is driving the need for computing power based where it can be best used, at the edge of a network,” Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder of Scale Computing. “By combining the power of Intel NUC EEC with the simplicity and reliability of Scale Computing HyperCore software and the expansive channel of partners from Ingram Micro, we are providing organizations with an efficient, scalable, and comprehensive edge computing solution that is your fastest path from pilot to production.”

Built specifically for sites needing resilient and scalable infrastructure outside the traditional data center, the Intel NUC EEC can be deployed almost anywhere without requiring a rack or server closet, providing a fully functional, integrated platform for running applications that include high availability clustering, rolling upgrades, and integrated data protection. The cutting-edge construction and connectivity, with the award-winning SC//HyperCore software built in, comes ready for general purpose, industrial, and IoT applications supporting Windows and Linux virtual machines and cloud-native applications (containers and Kubernetes) running on the same platform. The ultra-small form factor consumes a small amount of power while offering ease of installation, Intel vPro manageability, and the ability to rapidly scale up edge computing resources, along with the reliability needed for edge computing and IoT applications.

“Many enterprise edge deployments require hardware rated for 24×365 operation for several years on end, packed with impressive compute performance and specifically-designed for the I/O and workloads needed at the edge, with all the ease-of-use expected from a traditional cloud deployment. That is where the reliable, powerful and exceptionally sustainable Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute platform developed with Scale Computing allows teams to rapidly deploy, integrate through the network to multiple clouds while running applications at the edge. Intel, together with Ingram Micro and Scale Computing, make it easier for partners and customers to achieve faster time-to-market with lower cost-of-ownership over time for their edge computing deployments,” said Brian McCarson, Vice President and General Manager, NUC Group at Intel.

The company recently announced Scale Computing Fleet Manager for edge computing and MSPs, which makes managing and monitoring the health of distributed IT infrastructure more straightforward than ever. For IT managers with multiple clusters, Scale Computing’s industry-leading low maintenance time will be reduced by 50% or more. As part of the new Scale Computing Platform, SC//Fleet Manager consolidates real-time conditions for a fleet of clusters, including storage and compute resources, allowing IT leaders to quickly identify areas of concern using a single pane of glass, scaling from 1 to over 50,000 clusters.

“Performance, availability and reliability are three non-negotiable benefits businesses want and need within a highly available infrastructure,” says Cheryl Rang, Executive Director, Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro. “Given the modern workforce is hybrid, footprint and flexibility to deploy nearly anywhere are also important factors when it comes to infrastructure purchasing decisions. Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute Built with Scale Computing answers the call of channel partners wanting more performance in a smaller, easier to manage solution, and we’re proud to be the channel’s go-to-market partner for these advanced technologies.”


A three-node cluster of Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute units Built with Scale Computing starts at less than $5,000 USD MSRP.