Report: Cloud Computing Catching On in Emerging Markets

June 20, 2011 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from ReadWriteWeb.  Author: Klint Finley.

While cloud computing gains steadily in the U.S., U.K. and Germany (and rather slowly in Canada), it’s taking off in emerging markets like Brazil, China and India. According to a study by GfK Custom Research, and covered by FineChannel, cloud computing enjoys relatively high penetration rate in emerging markets, regardless of company size…

According to GfK, decision makers in Brazil, China and India have a much more positive view of cloud computing and cite cost-effectiveness, flexibility and security as the main benefits. In contrast, decision makers in the U.S. and the U.K. see security as a barrier rather than a strength, and view flexibility as the main advantage.

But Fine Channel notes that data security is seen as a benefit by many in established markets as well. This fits with the BitNami, and Zenoss survey we looked at recently, which found that security is perceived as both a benefit and a risk by many technology decision makers.

In addition to security, cost, including migration and subscription rates, is often seen as a barrier to adoption. The cost of cloud services was named by 42% as a top reservation. Other concerns include availability and dependence on outside parties.

Decision makers in emerging markets were more trusting of global cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft than of domestic options. Microsoft was the most trusted name.