Redis Labs Announces General Availability for Integrated Enterprise Tiers of Azure Cache for Redis

Redis Labs Announces General Availability for Integrated Enterprise Tiers of Azure Cache for Redis

March 4, 2021 Off By Hoofer
Zerto Gartner Report

At Microsoft Ignite, Redis Labs announced the general availability of Redis Enterprise-powered tiers on Azure Cache for Redis, enabling companies to more effectively optimize for low-latency data access in their most critical applications. The Enterprise tiers are fully managed by Microsoft and are the result of a year-long collaboration between the companies to provide the most highly available, resilient, scalable, and extensible Redis service to customers.

The new Enterprise tiers offer unique benefits to developers, operators, and ultimately the customer’s bottom line. The combination of Redis Enterprise and Azure Cache for Redis enables companies to always have access to the latest enterprise-grade Redis functionality, expanded use cases, and enterprise-grade active geo-replication deployment architected for five-nine uptime. The new Enterprise tiers can be consumed like any other Azure Cache tier offering using the customers’ existing Azure commit.

“Companies can now effortlessly incorporate the performance and reliability of Redis Enterprise with the breadth and simplicity of consumption Azure offers to serve a variety of low-latency use cases,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO and Co-Founder, Redis Labs. “This unique service enables customers to confidently operate Redis at scale with five-nines availability and active geo-redundancy, expanded use cases with Redis modules, and operate at a very attractive cost on Azure.”

“The general availability of Redis Enterprise on Azure Cache for Redis underscores Microsoft’s commitment to work with partners to give developers the tools and features they need to create  applications,” said Julia Liuson, Corporate Vice President, Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. “Enterprises will have access to features like active geo-replication to create applications with unprecedented scale, availability, and performance.”

New Redis functionality in the Enterprise tiers include:

  • Up to 99.999% availability, leveraging Redis Enterprise’s active geo-replication technology and Azure’s multiple availability zone deployment capability
  • Flexibility to build modern applications leveraging Redis Enterprise modules, including RediSearch, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisBloom
  • Scale cost-effectively with Redis on Flash’s intelligent memory tiering to ensure the greatest cost savings for large datasets
  • Redis 6.0–including all native Redis data structures (streams included), and advanced security capabilities
  • A seamless, familiar Azure UI for configuration and integrations to Azure security and monitoring services
  • Consumption-based pricing–only pay for what’s required, with no minimum commitments

“We are extremely excited about the added functionality in the Azure Cache for Redis, Enterprise tiers. We know, love, and have used Redis for years as a key component in our real-time IoT control & monitoring platform,” said Aaron Phillips, CEO and President, SitePro. “The Enterprise tiers allow us to do more with Redis by leveraging RedisTimeSeries to support data collection and analytics from hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors. This, coupled with the long-standing durability and performance of Redis Enterprise, was a no-brainer. Aside from clear cost benefits from reducing the complexity of our database stack, it has also improved resilience and performance.”