Reasons To Use PP Filaments When 3D Printing

Reasons To Use PP Filaments When 3D Printing

August 24, 2022 Off By David

It may be a newcomer to the 3D printing world, but polypropylene is a frequently utilized filament that is great for many different scenarios. This material may be difficult to print because of the heavy warping that often occurs, but this downside is inconsequential when you consider the many characteristics that make polypropylene perfect for various types of jobs. Read on for some of the biggest reasons to use PP filaments when 3D printing.

Chemical Resistance

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to use polypropylene over other types of filaments is that it possesses astounding characteristics in the realm of chemical resistance. Polypropylene is extremely resistant to any sort of acidic or basic solution that may easily eat through other types of filaments. In fact, polypropylene is so resistant that it is often used in laboratories to construct customized storage units, which may help explain why usage of this specialty filament is on the rise.


Another big reason why many people choose polypropylene over other filaments is that it is an extremely light filament. As such, many manufacturers utilize polypropylene to make lighter models than are possible with other filaments, which has a side benefit of using less material. Because of its low density, polypropylene also has a major role in the manufacturing of bike parts and other low-density, high-strength objects that may see continual use over long periods of time.

Good Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Polypropylene is lighter than steel, but it still has the ability to bend and flex under stress and can support heavier loads than steel. With this characteristic, the benefits are pretty obvious, as the lighter and stronger a filament is, the more usability it has in many different areas. Keep in mind that even though polypropylene has a good strength-to-weight ratio, it will never outclass other solid materials that are made with printing techniques such as SLS printing.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the top reasons to use PP filaments when 3D printing. If you are looking to use this type of filament in the future, make sure to read its instruction guide to ensure that your print comes well.