Quisitive Announces Cloud Assessment Program with Microsoft Azure

February 21, 2018 Off By Hoofer
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Quisitive today announced the launch of its Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment Program, and plans to hire 50 IT consultants out of its Dallas headquarters to meet growing demand in cloud computing, and expand talent in the area of Microsoft Azure technology to accelerate customers’ cloud migrations.

The program and hiring plans will support increased demand for customers moving their business to the cloud, driven by pressure to digitally transform and create operational efficiencies with agile, blockchain, IoT, data and disaster recovery technology. Quisitive will be building teams consisting of Microsoft Azure infrastructure architects, application architects, data architects and data engineers in the coming months to support cloud migrations for customers. Quisitive works with financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing and retail enterprises to modernize their business with cloud migration, cloud platform development and data services.

"Confidence in cloud migration ROI can be tough for organizations to realize, often resulting in perceived safety of sticking to status quo and kicking the can forward indefinitely," said Mike Reinhart, President of Quisitive. "Organizations can no longer evaluate a move to the cloud based solely on price. They must look at how they transform – often through new data driven revenue streams, modern disaster recovery and agile business operations. We built the six-week assessment program to quell their quandary by delivering authoritative answers, allowing our customers to make a decision."

Quisitive is one of only eight partners that Microsoft certifies to deliver the Azure assessments. The six-week program is designed to help organizations determine the business case for moving to the cloud, and offers a comprehensive cloud ROI analysis, cloud migration plan, and future cloud application and architecture roadmap.

"Microsoft is the cloud of choice for the enterprise," said Steven Balusek, Chief Services Officer at Quisitive. "We see increasing use and opportunity built around the Azure cloud architecture and look forward to aggressively expanding our Microsoft Azure teams in Dallas to meet demand across the country, and help customers accelerate their move to the cloud."

As part of the Azure Assessment Program, Quisitive’s cloud migration plan prioritizes applications that should move to the cloud and applications that can be optimized without major development effort. It also identifies applications that would benefit from refactoring. To do this, Quisitive leverages the Microsoft MOVERE tool to automate infrastructure usage analysis and visualization of IT data. Quisitive will execute a series of workshops and interviews with clients to create a complete cost-benefit ROI analysis, Azure consumption estimates and an application and infrastructure architecture review, before presenting an executive business case with findings and overall recommendations. Quisitive teams will support the next phase of executing customized cloud migrations, cloud platform development and data services if needed.

Quisitive has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft and is a Gold Microsoft Partner, National Solution Provider and Customer Engagement Alliance Member, and serves on the Partner Advisory Council and Azure Blockchain Council. To learn more about the Quisitive Azure Assessment Program, visit https://go.quisitive.com/azureaccelerator/.