Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

July 3, 2018 Off By Hoofer

Article Written by Avery Phillips

What is happening with your business? What is going to happen with your customers?

We’ve been able to spidey-sense changes in the marketplace with predictive analytics that have been made available through the computing power of the cloud.

And it’s amazing.

With the added capability of pulling in additional computing power seemingly from thin air, cloud computing has allowed us to use algorithms and data in ways we never could before. Now that we are able to make informed decisions with huge data sets and access to information and predictive behavior via cloud computing, the future of business and its interaction with clients will never be the same. "Separately, predictive analytics and cloud solutions are changing the way organiza­tions do business … Together, they open up a wealth of opportunities."

Here are a few reasons the ability to use predictive analytics, by taking advantage of cloud computing, is vital to your business success.

Decision Making

The way we make business decisions is changing. According to the article  "How Data and Decisions Work Together," by George Washington University, "most successful organizations use big data to drive decision making." This means that a competitive company is able to gather large amounts of data and put it into a usable form to drive their decisions.

But as an article by the University of Alabama at Birmingham puts it, "Advances in big data are not only in the amount of data that analysts have to work with, but in the processing power used to manage the larger number of records." It is not only important to take part in data gathering as a business in order to stay competitive, but it is also necessary to take advantage of a huge computing power to evaluate that data.

The cloud is a great way to take advantage of this need for a larger processing power and is incredibly useful for companies with dynamic data needs. If your company does not have the immediate server space to gather or process that information, taking advantage of cloud computing is a game changer to your company’s data analysis and decision-making abilities abilities. Get that information needed to be competitive!

User Experience

Your clients and users should be one of your primary focuses as a company. Whether you are a hospital treating patients or a blog trying to deliver the best content to your readers. Predictive analytics can help deliver everything from price forecasting for your hotel to better health outcomes for patients.

Treat your individual users to a personalized experience by taking advantage of predictive analytics that can anticipate their individual needs to create more engagement and better results that no human could possibly anticipate. You have the ability to create an environment for each user if you take advantage of the cloud computing needed in order to manage each user’s data and use it to make decisions that address their needs. Whether they need a discounted hotel room to book with you or are at a higher-than-average risk for diabetes, there is no limit to the ability to adapt your company to your user when using predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics are made possible with the additional computing power of cloud computing. It will help improve your decision making and your user experience. You should definitely start using the cloud for predictive analytics.


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