Partners HealthCare Selects ClearSky Data to Make Hybrid Cloud a Reality

December 6, 2016 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from ClearSky Data

ClearSky Data, provider of a global storage network that manages the entire enterprise data lifecycle, today announced that Partners HealthCare is using its service for elastic, on-demand storage for Splunk, SQL and VMware data. One of the nation’s leading biomedical research organizations and a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Partners HealthCare has deployed ClearSky Data’s fully managed service to reduce its traditional, on-premises storage footprint; maintain its high performance and security standards; tap into the network’s inherent data protection and disaster recovery capabilities; and harness the agility and economics of the cloud.

The Partners HealthCare system is the largest in Massachusetts and includes multiple community and specialty hospitals, as well as a physician network and numerous other entities. Like most large enterprises, the organization wanted to consume storage in a more elastic way and reduce the huge costs that come with managing growing data. This is a pressing need for enterprises that must make primary data accessible to users at low latency, no matter where they reside, and remain accessible even during an outage. ClearSky Data’s service is solving this need and delivering a hybrid service that makes the economics and scale of the cloud a reality for enterprise data.

“ClearSky Data is a key part of our overall strategy to move to the cloud. After extensive testing of the ClearSky service, we found it delivers as promised: high-performance, low latency, elastic storage on demand for multiple workloads,” said Jim Noga, CIO, Partners HealthCare. “Without giving up the benefits of on-premises storage, we’ve gained scalability and cut costs. It’s a compelling consumption model that enables our growing cloud initiatives, and we plan to bring more data into the ClearSky service in the coming months.”

The Partners HealthCare adoption of ClearSky Data reduces the organization’s reliance on its traditional storage arrays and creates an elastic target for a variety of workloads in a hybrid infrastructure. The dedicated ClearSky network is architected for high-performance, low-latency and maximum-resiliency data access. ClearSky’s Smart Tiered Caching™ ensures hot data is automatically cached at the edge of the customer’s applications; warm data is cached in a PoP within 120 miles of the customer; and all data is stored in multiple locations in the cloud. By reducing data center footprints, ClearSky Data customers can focus on growing their businesses and reduce storage infrastructure costs by up to 80 percent.

"As a leader in the healthcare market and an early ClearSky customer, Partners HealthCare has set the bar high for us as we build our service,” said Ellen Rubin, ClearSky Data CEO and co-founder. “Partners, like many enterprises that are adopting the cloud, needs a truly hybrid, scalable solution for its data that provides the flexibility to run applications wherever they are best deployed, with consistent performance and availability. ClearSky’s approach is unique in the market and designed for this new era of hybrid cloud adoption.”