PacHosting Unveils LayerStack for New Cloud Services in APAC

July 13, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from PacHosting

PacHosting, a leading Platform Aggregated Cloud Solution Provider, unveiled a new cloud service “LayerStack” to expand its cloud portfolio over the past several months. LayerStack committed to compete at a higher level in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and strengthen its cloud service business to enhance competitiveness in future. LayerStack strives to offer greater IT efficiency and capabilities for all businesses in Asia Pacific region with a series of launches in 2017 including SSD Cloud Servers, Load Balancer, Offsite Backup Solution and Virtual Private Cloud based on multi-data center architecture.

Cloud Strategy and Implementation in APAC


LayerStack allows multiple data center selections in Hong Kong and Singapore, users can easily deploy, scale out and rebuild cloud servers within the same region at any time to experience high connectivity and better reach. LayerStack premium CN2 direct peering network also delivers a more reliable and faster connection to Mainland China, in order to bring better cloud solutions to DevOps into the APAC Market.

Built on Openstack Architecture

LayerStack cloud services run on Openstack enterprise-grade architecture to deliver guaranteed and consistent performance. Openstack is an open-source developing cloud platform for the creation of IaaS to make the most of the flexibility of virtualization technology, which helps to deliver quick deployment to public or private clouds and easy management to virtual machines. This new service enhancement reflects the evolution of PacHosting on its vision for the future in the cloud era and the eagerness of PacHosting towards innovativeness when it expands its technology offerings into the market.

Highly Innovative and accessible Cloud Servers

“We are proud to be made in Hong Kong,” said Dennis Ng, PacHosting Founder. “Our IT professionals have been developing a new series of cloud servers and create a list of brand new features with LayerStack to keep up with the new technology in today’s fast-moving IaaS market. All new and existing customers can easily migrate their virtual machine to the new environment and take the most advantage of it, like multi-data center selection, private network, VM import and so forth.”

Designed for Sustainability and Scalability

“Many businesses consider cloud services sustainability and scalability nowadays,” said Matthew Wu, Product Engineering Manager, LayerStack. “The true transformation building on Openstack, has led us to the creation of multiple solutions for the cloud deployment. PacHosting and many of the enormous number of key industry players have pledged continued support and contribution to Openstack. That is why the new LayerStack eco-system can be more comprehensive and stable, and become an ideal environment for testing and developing different kind of cloud products.”

LayerStack is developed and supported by a team of certified and experienced professionals from PacHosting. It provides 24/7/365 global technical support which helps our clients with all technical challenges and problems.