Overcoming the 7 barriers to cloud adoption and successful digital transformation

November 27, 2018 0 By Hoofer

The journey to achieving successful cloud adoption is heavily dependent on providing a premium experience to administrators, developers, tenants, and end-users. That said there are numerous barriers to successful cloud adoption that must be overcome before delivering on the promise of a premium experience.

Before embarking on a cloud journey and selecting what cloud model is right for you it is highly important to understand what the 7 barriers to successful cloud adoption are, so you can be prepared and have a plan to overcome them. Multiple analyst research studies have concluded 70% of all digital transformation projects fail to deliver the desired outcomes they had sought to achieve, that is if they don’t fail completely.

The 7 barriers to successful cloud adoption are; CHANGE, COMPETENCY, COMPLEXITY, COMPLIANCE, CONFIDENCE, CONTROL and COST.

Change is something humans naturally resist, we like reliability, stability, we like consistency. Managing change doesn’t come naturally, so the easier it is the better. Change can cause fear and resistance, for instance IT staff might fear that simplification of daily operation through automation might make them obsolete versus concentrating on how it can improve their work life balance. Once IT staff realize automation can reduce the need to respond to down-time outages, slow-time latency or the need to over-manage resource pools, the more valuable they become. IT staff makes it possible for them to be more innovative and work on mission-critical projects versus infrastructure life-cycle management. This increases their contribution to the business and therefore profitability, making them indispensable. Change is good when it enhances the professional growth and value of the people it impacts.