Opsara Chooses DevOps Platform to Provide Customers with Improved, Integrated Observability in Hybrid Clouds

September 8, 2022 Off By David

OpsVerse announced that its open source-based DevOps tools platform has been selected by hybrid cloud provider Opsara, to incorporate as part of its product portfolio to provide customers with improved, integrated observability in private clouds.

“Our first experience with OpsVerse was in our data center for our own internal use, and based on the success we had, we decided to integrate it into our own product portfolio,” said Gopa Sheppillayar, founder and CEO of Opsara. ” OpsVerse’s platform enables us to bring full stack observability and DevOps tools to our customers.”

According to the CNCF Observability MicroSurvey, the number one priority for respondents regarding observability is best practices followed by equipping engineers with the tools and data to help them identify and solve issues to maintain system health. Some 50% of respondents said that engineers and teams using multiple tools is their greatest challenge in observability, with nearly 30% using more than 10 tools for observability. With the OpsVerse platform, Opsara can help its customers avoid such challenges.

OpsVerse ObserveNow is an open source-based observability tool tracking logs, traces, and metrics in one central place. It provides developers with their favorite open source DevOps tools while offering the advantages of software as a service (SaaS) such as fully-managed services, high availability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). ObserveNow delivers open standards to enable enhanced portability, and zero vendor lock-in, with no new commercial tools to learn. OpsVerse’s fully operationalized and integrated observability stack can run on any cloud within minutes. 

“OpsVerse is committed to simplifying the deployment and management of essential, open source DevOps tools,” said Nikhil Ravindran, co-founder of OpsVerse. “Opsverse’s platform makes open source DevOps tool as easy to use as SaaS software. Users can get started in minutes without existing knowledge or upfront investment.”

OpsVerse is a DevOps tools platform with fully-managed, open source-based tools that can run anywhere (on-premises data center, or cloud platforms Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) in minutes. With OpsVerse’s private SaaS framework, anyone can achieve enhanced data residency, governance, and audit controls without spending additional engineering resources. DevOps tools such as Argo CD, Backstage, Grafana, and Prometheus are pre-packaged with key configurations, templates, and integrations that allow engineers to use them immediately.

To learn more about ObserveNow, visit https://opsverse.io/observenow-observability.