nVisium Expands Cloud Security Services to Meet Growing Demands

May 3, 2022 0 By Hoofer

nVisium announced that the company has expanded and enhanced its range of cloud security service offerings, as the demand to create stronger security postures within cloud environments proliferates, particularly for large enterprises. nVisium has grown its cloud practice to encompass more in-depth cloud-native architecture analysis and code remediation services.

As cloud-native systems and infrastructure-as-code dominate within modern enterprises, nVisium provides organizations, and their IT and DevOps teams, with the tools and expertise needed to build security into every phase and facet of their cloud architecture development. The company’s unique approach to cloud security encompasses both application and infrastructure security, providing early Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) services through testing and implementation and production activities.

“With accelerated digital transformation and IT modernization initiatives across industries, almost all organizations have significantly altered their existing software or infrastructure and increased their presence in the cloud,” said Jack Mannino, CEO at nVisium. “Building software in the cloud has unique security advantages, but it requires careful consideration and the creation of a robust security architecture. At nVisium, we help organizations build the tightest defenses into their cloud infrastructure and code, CI/CD pipelines, and application and service portfolios – across build, deploy to runtime.”

As a company, nVisium looks at security through the lens of software development and systems engineering, understanding the complexities of cloud software and providing careful guidance to address architecture and design-level issues, as well as identification and remediation for security bugs. With the team’s deep expertise, demand for nVisium’s services continues to grow and the company is currently expanding its team of high caliber security experts.