New Tintri FlexDrive Allows Customers to Expand All-Flash Storage Capacity

December 19, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Tintri announced Tintri FlexDrive this week, a storage expansion feature that enables customers of Tintri all-flash storage arrays to increase system capacity to meet a specific storage need, by adding as little as one drive at a time.
Conventional storage architectures require customers to increase capacity by adding multi-drive RAID groups or drive shelves. Put simply, customers must buy capacity in bulk, typically purchasing more storage than is needed. This adds unnecessary capital expense, rack space and cabling complexity. And once capacity is added, expert administrators still must create LUNs and/or volumes to contain virtual machines.
Tintri’s approach to expansion is distinguished by its granularity. Since Tintri operates at the VM-level and eliminates the need for traditional storage constructs, customers can purchase a partially populated EC6000 all-flash array and:

  • Add capacity in increments as little as one drive—inserting the drive(s) into any available disk slot
  • Click a single “expand” button in the Tintri interface
  • Gain immediate access to new capacity and deploy virtual machines without any further configuration
This entire process requires no additional rack space or cabling, is completely non-disruptive and takes only a few minutes. Tintri FlexDrive allows customers to purchase capacity in exact relation to need and requires no expertise to deploy.
Tintri makes it simple for customers to anticipate their need for capacity—Tintri Analytics predicts resource requirements up to 18 months into the future. And now Tintri has incorporated an expansion estimator into its standard user interface so that users can model the impact of adding drives. The estimator uses historical system workload profiles to guide customers to the number of extra drives required, so they can add the best number to meet target capacity.
Tintri FlexDrive software for EC6000 systems will be included at no charge to customers with current support contracts via the Tintri OS 4.4.1 release available later this month.