New Partnership Formed Between Scale Computing and Acronis to Enhance Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

New Partnership Formed Between Scale Computing and Acronis to Enhance Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

September 5, 2019 Off By Hoofer
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Scale Computing and Acronis today announced an OEM partnership, offering Acronis Backup to customers through Scale Computing channels, delivering archiving, enhanced data protection, disaster recovery, and threat mitigation on the Scale Computing HC3 platform.

With Acronis Backup on Scale Computing HC3, users will be able to meet the toughest backup objectives for mission-critical systems, saving up to 10x the storage space, and reducing the backup workload with automated administration. Acronis Backup on Scale Computing HC3 ensures that data is safe, and mission-critical business applications are available, by enabling users to proactively prevent, or recover quickly from disasters, with capabilities such as: 

  • Long-Term Retention for Data Archival – Backups can be stored on inexpensive storage for long-term retention to meet regulatory compliance
  • Acronis Active Protection – An integrated anti-ransomware defense powered by machine learning (ML) models that proactively detects and stops ransomware attacks and automatically recovers any affected files, including those on network shares and removable devices
  • Full Bare-Metal System Recovery – Accelerates recovery speeds up to twice as fast with the ability to restore a backup image to a machine that doesn’t have a preinstalled OS 
  • Acronis Universal Restore – Simplifies the recovery of an entire system to the same or dissimilar hardware, or virtual machine, by using smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements
  • Granular Recovery – Enables individuals to search for and restore specific files or folders without having to recover full databases or systems

“Faced with ever-increasing volumes of data along with the growing threat of ransomware and other malware, IT professionals are under tremendous pressure to protect everything while ensuring production systems aren’t impacted. The good news is that protecting your organization’s data doesn’t have to be difficult,” said Pat Hurley, Vice President and General Manager, Americas, Acronis. “With Acronis Backup on Scale Computing HC3, organizations gain a fast, scalable cyber protection solution that won’t consume their limited IT budgets.”

With flexible on-premises and cloud storage options, Acronis Backup users can easily scale their deployment to fit their archival and data protection needs. A simple, touch-friendly UI offers advanced reporting capabilities that lets administrators manage and orchestrate backups with ease across sites. 

“Data protection and disaster recovery are a necessity for IT organizations today, and many of our HC3 customers have implemented effective disaster recovery strategies that combine per VM snapshot scheduling with replication, failover, and recovery. Each HC3 appliance has built-in VM snapshots with scheduling capabilities that are flexible enough to implement almost any backup strategy,” said Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder, Scale Computing. “With Acronis Backup, HC3 users are enabled to add market-leading archiving and data protection capabilities to their infrastructure. Our technologies are highly complementary, and HC3 customers, who are used to the flexibility and ease of use of our platform, will also benefit from the performance, ROI and TCO advantages offered by Acronis Backup.”

Acronis Backup on Scale Computing HC3 protects nearly all supported VM operating systems on the Scale Computing HC3 platform and can granularly backup and restore individual VMs up to and including the entire system. Acronis Backup can store backup data in a wide range of storage locations, including HC3 virtual disks, existing NAS/SAN, and public clouds.