New Cloud Security Solutions Are Reshaping the Landscape

May 3, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Security has always been an essential part of cloud services and services that rely on cloud infrastructure. The cloud offers ways to store digital information for an extended period of time, but as we store more information, the need for better security measures and experienced data recovery experts also increases. A number of cloud service providers and SaaS companies are starting to introduce new, better security solutions to meet that very demand.

It is interesting to see these new solutions creating a big impact on the market. They’re not only making the cloud a more secure environment but are also reshaping the industry like never before.

Microsoft’s Take on Cloud Security

The latest iteration of Microsoft Azure showed just how important security is as an element of cloud-based services. Microsoft revamped Azure’s security measures and introduce new features that many experts believe will be the standard of future implementations and solutions.

During the Check Point Experience 2017, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Azure Networking, Yousef Khalidi, said that security is becoming more challenging and more important at the same time.

"Security is paramount. You can’t make a sale without making sure the network is set up securely," he confirmed. His remark was also supported by top figures in the industry, including the Amazon Web Services GM of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Barry Russell.

Khalidi later said that the standard security measures such as a local network with a firewall are no longer enough. Security controls need to be implemented both in the cloud and on-site for maximum protection.

Security as a Service

Another interesting trend developing on the market is SaaS or Security as a Service. Security expertise and experience are being offered as part of a more integrated solution to meet the high demands of corporations and businesses. Instead of having to maintain an in-house security team to manage the infrastructure, companies can now rely on third-party SaaS providers such as Limelight Security for a more comprehensive solution.

Limelight’s approach is actually quite interesting. Instead of offering security services, the company developed a more comprehensive solution with proprietary security measures such as the Limelight Security Alert and WAF Express being offered as a cloud service. The solution can also be used alongside existing cloud infrastructure and third-party services.

Better Data Protection and Reliability

On the other side of the equation, cloud service providers – including Amazon and Google – are backing up their clients with additional redundancies and native security protocols. There are more options in place for clients who want to put data protection as a top priority. Aside from multiple clustering and advanced backup management, there are also more options when it comes to dealing with cases of data loss.

Experts have created better cloud data recovery solutions. Experienced specialists can handle more severe cases and now have the necessary tools to help businesses and individual users alike. To make it even better, these experts are also assisting clients in creating a more secure environment in the first place, utilizing the latest solutions to take information security to a whole new level.