New Agentless Hyper-V Backup Benefits Microsoft-Centric MSPs Deploying Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery

April 21, 2021 Off By Hoofer

Infrascale announced the general availability of an upgrade to the agentless backup engine for Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery. In addition to existing agentless backup for VMware virtual machines (VMs), the backup engine now allows Microsoft-centric MSPs to benefit from native discovery, policy control, and backup of Hyper-V VMs. The new agentless version provides fast deployments via discovery and policy control, easier management with one-stop configuration, and improved performance over its agent-based predecessor. This announcement follows the recent launch of the company‘s next-generation backup and disaster recovery solution, Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery (IBDR).

IBDR is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution: one part software/hardware on-premises with customers’ data and servers, (including Hyper-V VMs), and one part service infrastructure in the cloud. These components combine to prevent data loss and minimize downtime.

“Microsoft serves as the backbone technology stack for most of our MSP partners. We built IBDR and our new backup engine for Hyper-V to integrate seamlessly, giving our partners and their end customers the best possible user experience and flawless DR performance,” said Russell P. Reeder, CEO of Infrascale. “In addition to being faster to deploy and easier to manage over the previous version, backups are now three times faster!”

Whether supporting Hyper-V or VMware, the Infrascale agentless backup engine is a sub-system of IBDR that offers:

  • Native Discovery of VMs on the Hypervisor: 
    • See a list of all VMs directly from the appliance dashboard
  • Setting of Policy Controls:
    • Protect some or all VMs managed by the hypervisor
    • Auto-protect new VMs as they are created by an administrator – without revisiting setup
    • Backup non-powered VMs
  • Backup and Recovery Fundamentals:
    • Capture full and incremental backups for use with Infrascale DDFS (deduplication file system) – storing backup data deduplicated, compressed, and securely encrypted
    • Convert incremental backups to a “synthetic full” – providing average two-minute boot-ready times
    • Restore/failback VMs directly to originating hypervisor from the failover appliance
    • Browse and restore individual files and folders from protected VMs

Agentless backup addresses two key pain points – the cost and complexity of deploying and managing per-server agents. With a single agentless configuration there is no need to touch each virtual machine, which enables faster deployment and easier management for MSPs and VARs.

A pre-release version of the Hyper-V agentless backup engine generated consistently positive customer reviews, calling out its ability to simplify management and lower costs.

“DivergeIT has been a Gold Microsoft Partner for 17 years. Microsoft and Hyper-V are our core business, and our customers expect the best service and highest quality of data protection. The Infrascale agentless support for Hyper-V is a godsend. Following discovery on the host, all it takes is a couple clicks and the policy is set, and backup is on its way,” said Robert Praul, Technology Director, DivergeIT. “The time saved by not having to deploy individual agents is priceless. Now I can focus more of my time and energy on serving my customers directly and less on managing my DR solution.”