Nasuni Looks to Educate SMBs about Data Security in the Cloud

August 2, 2010 Off By David
Grazed from ChannelPro SMB.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud-based storage innovator Nasuni is looking to provide SMBs with better information about security in the clouds. The company’s latest white paper on the subject, “Understanding Security in Cloud Storage,” covers some of the basics of securely storing data over the Internet.

The white paper touches on the various types of cloud offerings, including SaaS, cloud computing, and cloud-based storage. It also singles out data encryption as a unique feature of cloud storage. The OpenPGP security standard is discussed at length in the context of data encryption.

“Many businesses … are holding back from implementing cloud storage because of concerns about the security of their data,” explains Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez. “While no environment is completely secure, cloud storage does not inherently increase security risks to businesses. Our white paper seeks to alleviate the fears and provide a clear understanding by identifying the risks of cloud storage and illuminating the security models that can be used to mitigate them.”

Nasuni makes the Nasuni Filer, a virtual NAS that offers secure connections to major cloud storage providers. At the heart of Nasuni’s security model is OpenPGP with the AES-256 cryptographic standard, approved by the U.S. National Security Agency.