N-able Launches Cloud User Hub to Help Partners Tame the Microsoft Cloud

August 18, 2022 Off By Hoofer

N-able, Inc. announced that it has launched N-able Cloud User Hub, following the acquisition of Spinpanel in July of this year.

N-able Cloud User Hub is a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 management and automation platform built for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and allows users to automate the management and security of all Microsoft tenants, users, and licenses. This is accessible within a single consolidated hub to reduce complexity, bring efficiency, and help N-able MSP partners profitably scale their Microsoft business.

Cloud User Hub helps users to:

  • Tame console management with a multi-tenant hub allowing technicians to perform common tasks across all Microsoft 365 applications, customers, and users through a single pane of glass.
  • Scale up with advanced automation, freeing up technicians’ workload and reducing request turnaround times.
  • Deliver Microsoft Cloud management with a security-first approach through granular role-based access controls for technicians, and comprehensive audit logging for all actions performed within Cloud User Hub.
  • Simplify billing by eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual tracking for billing.
  • Optimize Microsoft spend with insights into Microsoft 365 usage to adjust licenses and reduce waste.

This powerful combination of capabilities provides value for:

  • MSP Technicians-Simplifies cloud management complexity driving efficiency and reducing errors.
  • MSP Business Managers-Enables users to standardize best practices for common workflows, security settings, and support methodologies designed to reduce cost, improve quality of service, and to manage and scale their Microsoft business more profitably.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises-Provides faster resolution times, reduced ticket escalation, and strengthened security posture, increasing customer satisfaction.

“Adopting and managing cloud resources is becoming a larger part of the MSP business, which is why we want to help our partners simplify their cloud management experience. If done right, adopting and managing cloud resources can lead to scalability, higher efficiency, and productivity for MSPs and their customers,” stated Mike Adler, chief technology and product officer. “Cloud User Hub empowers users to tame managing the Microsoft 365 cloud by providing automation and simplicity. Last month, Microsoft announced robust growth in its cloud-services demand, and with the channel spending huge amounts of time within the Microsoft environment, we want to continue helping our partners to streamline that experience, along with the management and transition to the cloud, as much as we can.”