MotherDuck Announces First Release of Next Generation Cloud Analytics Platform Following $47.5M Raise

June 23, 2023 Off By David
Object Storage

MotherDuck, builder of a serverless, easy to use data analytics platform based on open source database DuckDB, announced the first ever release of its cloud analytics platform, which makes it easy to analyze data of any size regardless of where it lives by combining the elegance and speed of an in-process database with the collaboration and scalability of the cloud. The company also announced partnerships and integrations with more than a dozen technology and service providers across the modern data stack to include Hex, Astronomer, dbt Core and LangChain. As the only cloud analytics platform developed alongside the creators of DuckDB, MotherDuck is increasing the impact of the popular OSS database by bringing collaborative SQL analytics and the power of a hybrid cloud and local architecture to DuckDB users everywhere. Those interested in trying the platform can request an invite at  

Less than a year after raising more $47.5M from leading investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint, Amplify Partners, Altimeter, and Madrona, the accelerating adoption and pace of innovation of DuckDB is validating the demand seen early on by MotherDuck’s co-founders. Over the last several years, innovations aimed at scaling- data analysis have best served those with data over a petabyte, meaning innovations across the modern data stack have favored large companies and datasets while leaving small and medium businesses and those with likesized data behind. During that time, DuckDB, an in-process database analogous to SQLite for analytics workloads, achieved widespread adoption in the data community based on its ability to run everywhere (including in the browser), query data from anywhere without the need to pre-load it, and its super-fast execution of analytical queries based on the latest academic research. 

Now, the promise of AI is further accelerating the prioritization of data strategies across companies and for datasets of all sizes. In turn, it is increasing the demand for MotherDuck’s platform, which allows organizations to scale their data analysis up or down as needed, through hybrid execution.

“As nearly every organization, large and small, strives to figure out how to get value out of their data, scale becomes much less interesting than making it easy to derive insights.While today is a momentous day for our company, it is just a first flap of our wings on this journey. We’re confident that the combined innovation between MotherDuck’s platform and DuckDB Labs’s database  will be a critical piece of how the modern data stack evolves over the next few years,” said Jordan Tigani, CEO and Co-Founder of MotherDuck. “Ultimately, we’re proud to be able to deliver on our vision to bring the power of DuckDB to more people. And of course to make analytics ducking awesome.” 

“DuckDB has a lot of folks in the data community excited-it’s a new and unique tool in practitioners’ toolboxes and has captured the imaginations of many. MotherDuck’s efforts bringing DuckDB to the cloud will broaden the reach of this promising technology,” said Tristan Handy, CEO & Founder of dbt Labs.

For those whose data is already in the cloud, enables higher performance analytics, allowing DuckDB users to easily move from development to production. Current DuckDB users with MotherDuck accounts can easily switch from using a local DuckDB database to the MotherDuck serverless analytics platform by changing a single line of configuration.