Mobile Website VS. Mobile App: Choosing the Best For Your Business

Mobile Website VS. Mobile App: Choosing the Best For Your Business

December 10, 2021 Off By David

With a growing number of people using mobile devices worldwide, businesses need to create effective mobile strategies in order to cash in on this ever-growing trend. Although many business owners understand the need to become more accessible via mobile devices, some might question whether a mobile website or a mobile app is the best choice. If you are to-ing and fro-ing between the two, read on for a short guide that will help you make the best decision for your business.

What is a Mobile Website?

At first glance, mobile websites and mobile apps appear to be similar, which makes identifying the most suitable solution for your business objectives difficult. A mobile website is a responsive site that functions as a regular website. They can display content, images, and videos, and they can be used for social sharing, one-click calling, location-based mapping, and eCommerce. The main difference is that mobile sites are designed to fit the screen of a handheld device. From tablets to smartphones, websites that are designed to be mobile-friendly should be able to scale down to any sized device automatically.

Key Benefits

One of the key benefits of mobile websites is that they are often a more cost-effective choice than applications. Responsive websites are also easy to share and are accessible across many different platforms.

What is an App?

A software application, or an app, needs to be downloaded from a portal, such as the App Store or Google Play, onto a mobile device before it can be accessed by a user. An application can draw data and content from the net, or it can download the data so that it is accessible offline. Another advantage an app has over a mobile website is that it can send push notifications to consumers. Whether you opt for an app, a website, or both, you need to make sure the web design and development are on point. Pick a company that specializes in software and web development to ensure your mobile strategy is attractive and user-friendly.

Key Benefits

The ability to send push notifications with the user’s permission is highly desirable for some companies. It enables companies to send direct messages to their consumer’s devices. Apps are also efficient when used for complex calculations, reports, and charts with visualization.

Making the Right Choice

Mobile websites and apps share similar functions. However, mobile websites are a great choice for general businesses. Websites are simpler to maintain than applications, and they don’t take up phone storage space. Furthermore, many people are used to searching for products and services via their browser. However, apps are ideal for businesses with a target audience who use the app regularly, such as online retailers or gaming companies. Being able to use an app offline can be very useful too. For example, accessing maps and basic business information without an internet connection is a big draw. Although apps and mobile websites may share many similarities, making the right choice comes down to your business needs.