Microsoft Surface Pro 2017: New variant could be in the Windows 10 Cloud

April 17, 2017 Off By Hoofer

Grazed from BlastingNews. Author: Editorial Staff.

Microsoft is all set to stage big spring event on May 2 with most anticipating a new laptop. Most anticipate a new #Microsoft Surface Pro 5 coming though the improvements could disappoint. Except for the possible upgrade to an Intel Kaby Lake chipset, the word out is that the Redmond company has hardly changed most of the components. With the Surface Pro line doing well, critics believe that bumping up the SoC would be enough.

Compared to Apple, Microsoft does not really need hardware sales to keep its business afloat. Rather, the Redmond company has been known to focus on the software side. Hence, the changes that the Microsoft Surface Pro would have to offer could be in the #Windows 10 Cloud…

The answer is in the Windows 10 Cloud

With cloud computing and storages plaguing the tech world, the surprise offering by Microsoft could be something in the form of a Chromebook. Most know how #Google was able to come up with a low-cost machine where most of the work was done through cloud-based computing…

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