Microsoft Introduces Network Performance Monitor for network visibility across public and hybrid clouds

February 28, 2017 Off By Hoofer
Grazed from Microsoft.  Author: Ajay Gummadi and Abhave Sharma

In today’s hybrid IT environment, troubleshooting issues related to application connectivity is complex and challenging, especially due to the difficulty in isolating the source of the problem in a network. As you manage your cloud applications, it is also important to have visibility into the virtual network connections between your datacenters, remote office sites, and critical workloads. An unified network monitoring experience that gives you network visibility across public and hybrid clouds, and helps in proactive identification and resolution of potential issues is essential for managing today’s networks.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of Network Performance Monitor (NPM), a cloud-aware network monitoring solution in Operations Management Suite Insight & Analytics, that monitors networks for performance degradation and outages. The solution continuously tests for reachability between various points on the network across public clouds, datacenters and user locations, and enables application administrators to quickly identify the specific network segment or device that may be causing the problem.

One customer, TrueSec, Inc., has already seen the power of Azure and Network Performance Monitor together. Using these technologies “has not just helped us monitor the network, but also, detect network links with poor performance,” says Markus Lassfolk, Chief Executive Officer. “NPM has also made it easier for both the admins and networking team to see patterns and get alerts when something abnormal is happening before the users experience the problem and contact us.”